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Extreme Velocity 3. D The Drag Strip - Free download and software reviews. Pros. Good community of players and the game had good potential at one time. Cons. Lousy tech support. Nothing is actually free. Game owner Mr. Bloom has no dignity what so ever or does his 2nd handy man Mr. Senile. No new cars anymore added to the game and hasn't been in over a year ($2.

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RIP OFF). Game bugs never get fixed. Game lags like a jitterbug (I mean like bad). Several members have been charged for a single membership 3. X or 4x and have to fight for months for there money to be put back in there bank account.

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3D Drag Racing Games For Pc Free Download

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Mr. Senile has poor communication skills and a can NOT answer a support email without sarcasm. They will ban you when they please for legit or non legit cause. Summary. 2 years ago I would have this game a 5 star review but now I wouldn't give it any rating but Cnet requires at least 1/2 star. Since producing the new playev.

EV 2 has slowly fell apart at the seams. When the new game was produced it was announced no plans of shutting down EV 2 was taking place and would still be supported. Yet the lousy owner doesn't have the balls to man up and tell his paying members.

More $$$ to be made for now and he doesn't want to spoil that cash cow for the time being. Well ole Betsy is about dried up now and the $$$ making days are coming to an end soon.

Make a wise decision by not buying a membership for this game or cars. Better yet don't waste your time, $$, and be told several lies. The owners can NOT man up and tell the straight truth. Take the word of a 5 year veteran player, not the bogus lying staff. Tony. 13 (game moderator) this does not apply to you, you're the only good guy left on the game staff.

A far as the rest they can all rot way below sea level. Oh yeah BTW don't waste time or $$$ with the new playev. The format sucks unless you're a 5- 1. Well maybe it does have one good upside you can play it on you're phone while you're talking to your loved one. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful?(2) (0) Pros.

Players. alot of good people play the game, until they figure out the administration. Cons. Administration, Game Play bad due to cheap server.. Liars and the administration doesn't give a sh*t about the paying members. Pros. Real nice people racing online, live side by side racing, team racing. Cons. Awful customer service, just rude. The live rooms crash and lock up all the time and there is never any help on line. One championship in over a year.

The cars look just OK nothing great. However, the rollout on the starting line is way off. You can't even bottom bulb a Top Fuel Dragster..

Does something sounds wrong there? Cons- The cars all sounds the same.- The cars are fairly ugly and unrealistic.- Lack of ability to customize cars.- The game laggs a TON- Lack of support from game moderators.- You can't chat with other races while racing. The owner took it away and won't bring it back.- There are only a few people online at a current time. Which makes it hard to race.- You must pay $2. The game owner discards the opinions of the game players.- If you say something the game owner doesn't like, you will be BANNED. He takes pride in that.- Lack of updates.- Slow response time from Moderators.... I could go all day.

Summary. I've been with the game for 6 years.. The game used to be the best thing around.

About a year ago, things started to change. To be honest, the game owner got money hungry and figured out if he started making new cars, people would buy them.

But quality went way down, and now he's hurting because nobody plays anymore. He pushed all the steady players away. The owner, Kris Bloom, is a CORRUPT MAN. He'll ban a player a day after they buy a membership, and unbann them if they buy a car, or some game points from him. It's very sad to watch this game go down the drain, but it's happening fast. They act like the Facebook page is on lock down. A post must be approved by an admin, and it normally takes 3 days for them to approve it.

If you make ONE comment that is against anything KRIS BLOOM believes in, he will block you. Descargar Manual De Dibujo Artistico Pdf. OH, and it takes a good week to get him to reply to an email. Brent Senile, Kris's best buddy treats everyone like peasants as well.

They banned all of the good moderators and their primary goal is to suck money out of everyone they can. They all lack knowledge of drag racing. Kris Bloom told us that a Delay Box is a cheating device, and is only for people who can't drive. I'm just warning you. That's all I'm trying to do here.