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AngularJS allows developers to extend HTML with new attributes called Directives. In simple terms, an AngularJS directive is essentially a function that executes when. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you the process of creating nearly an entire website with a new. This code is provide a download functionality in Asp.Net with c#.

AngularJS Controller Tutorial with examples. Nested Controllers, Inheritance in Angular Controllers. Using $scope object in Controllers.

Angularjs Download File Onclick

How to download multiple files as zip file archive from server using Gridview in C#, VB.NET or upload & download multiple selected files as zip archive file. Download source - 133.5 KB; Download from GitHub (always the latest version) Introduction. As the title suggests, this is a very basic website that implements global.

A Simple Chat Website Using ASP. NET and Angular. JSThis article provides information to create a simple chat website. Introduction As the title suggests, this is a very basic website that implements global chat, meaning that the users can chat globally with each other by just registering their name.

Quick Start tutorial for creating AngularJS applications.; Author: Tushar Sortable — is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices. Supports Meteor, AngularJS, React, Polymer. Jquery.fileDownload.js Library jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience. Is it possible to run bat/executable file using html5 button event? In IE its achievable using Shell object if I am not wrong.

The code uses ASP. NET web services along with a little j. Query and Angular.

JS. If you are new to Angular. JS, its documentation can be found here. Background The idea that I had in mind before creating this was to utilize the capability of Angular. JS to automatically update the DOM whenever its models are updated. The source of this idea is a Google presentation that I saw some time back about Angular. JS and Firebase (video). I thought that maybe we can implement something like this at a very small scale using the Application State of ASP.

NET. Using the Code. The code is fairly simple, the user's information and the global chat data is stored in the application state. Periodic web service calls are made to retrieve the data and then the angular view models are updated with that data. The DOM is updated asynchronously by the angular whenever its models are updated. Follow the steps given below to create this chat website: Step 1 Create a new ASP. NET website, and open the 'Global. Now add the following code to the 'Application.

Step 2 Add a new web service to the website and name it 'Chat. Service'. Only one user can be added per session. Add. Global. Chat: Adds a new message to the global chat collection. Get. Global. Chat: Returns a list containing all the global chat data present in the Application State. Angular view model is then later updated with this data. Step 3. Remove the master page bindings (if any) from your default aspx page and add the following code to it for the < head> and < body> sections.

Keep the rest as default. This will call the web service to add the user name to our application state. Now we will add a Java. Script file to hold the code required for the web service calls. Add a new Java. Scipt file to your website and name it 'Helper.

Service. Call = function (service. Name, service. Params) . This is very basic prototyping, we will inherit this service. Call object into new objects to call our web services. For this, we will provide the method name and the parameters in the JSON format at the time of object initialization. After that, we will invoke the call. Service method to call the web service.

We need to pass a function in the service. Call. Success if we want to do something on the success of our web service call. Step 4 Now we need to add the angular. Js controller. The complete documentation about angular controllers can be found here.

For this, we will add a new js file and name it 'Chat. Ctrl. js'. Add the following code to this file: function Chat.

Ctrl($scope) . You can even use a script tag for this code but I prefer a separate file for further expansions. We will initialize global. Chat as an empty list. Lastly, add a new aspx file to our website and name it 'Chat. Page. aspx'. Add the following code to it for the < head> and < body> sections. Keep the rest as default. Angular. JS will dynamically add < table> columns, this needs to be done periodically so I have used set. Download Shipstation Connect.

Timeout to call the service again if our previous web service call is a success. Here is the description of the methods used above: Add.

Global. Chat. Msg: Adds a new message to the global message list. Get. Global. Chat: Retrieves all the chat messages. Angular. Scope: Returns the scope object being used for the div. Messages. Get. Global. Chat. Angular will dynamically add a single row per chat message whenever our view model is updated. Conclusion That was all guys, simple enough right!

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