Cheat Codes For Gunblood Online Game

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Cheat Codes For Gunblood Online Game

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Gunblood Cheats - Cheats. Today. Gunblood is a rather simple but at the same time very addicting flash game, where you find yourself holding a gun and fighting for your life. Though the game is simple, some people fail to win all battles and become the winner of the game. This game is rather simple to play, you must put your mouse pointer on the chamber, then the timer appears on your screen. When the time runs out, you should aim and make a good shot to kill your enemy before he kills you. There are several Gunblood Cheats that you can use.

Cheat Codes For Gunblood Online Game

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Just copy and paste them into special box before the game start and you will gain special skills, like pointer on your gun, unlimited health, unlimited ammo and others. The complete list of cheats for Gunblood you can find below. NOHIT = Godlike, you can’t die. MOREAMMO = Unlimited Ammo. POINTER = Adds laser pointer on your gun. FASTFIRE = Fast Fire. Also, if you would like to play the following level but don’t want to play the game from the beginning, apply thos Gunblood level codes.

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You should paste them inside the Cheat Box, just like the cheats. LEVEL1 LEVEL2 LEVEL3 LEVEL4 LEVEL5 LEVEL6 LEVEL7 LEVEL8 LEVEL9 BONUS1 BONUS2 BONUS3 BONUS4. Hope This Will Help You,Have Fun With Cheats.