Check Video Card Drivers Ubuntu

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Asus. Zenbook - Community Help Wiki========================================================================================= Finally, a reliable solution for unexpected shutdowns and hangs was discovered! This seems to be working with any Asus laptop suffering from unexpected shutdowns and / or hangs while running on battery: 1. Add the following boot arguments ! Install the package tlp from ppa: linrunner/tlp an set at least the following values in /etc/default/tlp CPU. Shut down the device, carefully remove the bottom cover and detach the big battery (not the tiny CMOS battery) from the motherboard for five minutes. There are plenty of youtube videos showing how to safely disassemble the various Asus laptops.

Check Video Card Drivers Ubuntu

Fix Graphics and Video Drivers Problems How to fix or update Graphics & Video Card Drivers. This post will help you if you are experiencing any of the following. Thanks, it saved my day! Some notes: * if you don’t know your video card’s exact model then goto command line and type: lspci * find the right driver for YOUR. I’m experienced with Linux. My current computer has video card NVidia GeForce GTX 970. It once worked with Ubuntu 14.04, but after some upgrades.

Since our Linaro Raring release in December of last year, we’ve been publicly quiet about updated images, but working hard in the background to make the next. Because your machine hosts extremely sensitive data (or, more probably, just for the geek factor) passwords sometimes just don't cut it. Thanks to the OpenSC project. For kernel 3.1 or newer (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS): EHCI Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Also see info about the most recent LTS version, Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS). On April 29, 2010, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was.

With certain power management settings on the OS side, the EC (Embedded Controller) goes crazy and thus needs resetting. The only way to reset it is to detach the battery for a few minutes. From now on, shutdowns should be gone.

Take care, however, not to . If you try to, you will merely reproduce the problem once again, and will subsequently have to disassemble your Zenbook once again. There are a few sad cases, like reinstalling Ubuntu itself, where you will .

Only do so when running on AC, and please repeat Stage 3 (no matter how boring) of this manual once you are done. That's basically how this problem is born. This page aims to describe the steps needed to fully enable all features of the Asus Zenbook. For the newer Asus Zenbook Prime models UX3. UX3. 1A/UX2. 1A, see the Asus.

Zenbook. Prime. You can check what is your model with the command: sudo dmidecode - s system- product- name. For further discusion and to seek help, see Ubuntu and the Asus Zenbook thread in the Ubuntu Forums. Please contribute valuable information to this page and create bug reports in launchpad if Ubuntu needs to fix something. Place links to those bug reports in the text below. Asus Zenbook and Ubuntu. Especially power management and possibly touchpad depending on the touchpad vendor need manual configuration. Please either use the 1.

LTS point release for installing, or if using the original 1. LTS installation media install all the updates available on your first run! There was a suspend related problem that was fixed only via updates. Ubuntu 1. 2. 1. 0 should also work generally well, but LTS versions of Ubuntu are recommended for normal users. Ubuntu 1. 2. 0. 4. LTS point release in January 2. LTS users. Ubuntu 1.

Overview. Anything not mentioned here should work out of the box. If needed, you can download the newest BIOS here: UX2.

E: http: //support. Copy the BIOS file onto a memory- stick. Reboot and press the esc button to enter the BIOS menu.

From the Advanced tab, choose the Easy Flash option and then select the BIOS file to update. LCDCurrent Xorg- server uses a display resolution setting of 9.

UX3. 1E Zenbooks have a resolution of ~1. The default value of 9.

SSDThe SDD works out- of- the- box but its performance can be optimised. You should follow the directions at http: //www. In addition, it recommends changing your scheduler to .

Further minimize SSD writes by mounting /tmp in RAM by adding the line . Finally you can enable TRIM by adding . Suspend, Hibernate, Shut- down and Reboot. Works perfectly out of the box, provided you have installed the 1. LTS updates. Before the kernel update was added to 1. LTS, the following workaround was needed: The kernel USB 3. X also needs to disable/enable DPMS to get the screen back on resume.

Save the following script as /etc/pm/sleep. After an incorrect suspend, if the corruption happens, many memory blocks starting with ~1. Download Burn In My Light Song here. G will be corrupt.

Good way to see it is to use . The only way to fix controller setting is to open the case and plug off the battery. Please note that on this ultrabook the battery is not a user serviceable part and this could mean that by opening you can get your warranty void! If you start Windows or Linux with a corrupted controller, you will get system crashes or/and damaged file system. More info here: https: //bugzilla. However, it does work but one cannot see the field to enter you password and the button to unlck the machine.

This needs to be fixef before it can be reported that it works out of the box. Keyboard. The keyboard works fine out of the box. If you do not want dead keys to be enabled, choose Engish (US) in gnome- control- center region. All other three English (US) keyboards enable dead keys and provide no option of disabling dead keys in any other way.

Usually the installation of Ubuntu will suggest you choose English (US) International. The compose key can be enabled in Options.. Left Win and Right Win are good candidates for this. Toggle internal/external screen: Works. Volume up, down, mute: Works. Brightness up, down: Works.

NOTE: As of BIOS update 2. This means that the brightness buttons won't work in Ubuntu any longer.

Brightness workaround 2 in the Zenbook Prime wiki works fine for changing brightness. Switch screen on/off: Works.

Switch touchpad on/off: Works.