Citizen Black Eagle Manual

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Vintage Citizen Watches – The wonderful world of Vintage Citizen Watches – 1. Citizen! It took me 3 years, 5 months and 2. During this time, after seeing literally over one million pictures and spending at least 2 hours each day. Fast forward to 2. August: I finally found it. It looked NOS and had the original strap, buckle and tag!

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My heart raced and my hands got all sweaty while reading the description and looking at the pictures. It was really expensive and I was sure it will get even more expensive as the auction will take it’s course. Soon after discovering it, I contacted my friend Eric and told him about the watch, that I found it.

Citizen Black Eagle Manual

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I needed an inside man. I was determined to make it mine.

The time has come for me to put my money where my mouth was. I knew I was fighting in the big league, with the serious Japanese collectors, but I was prepared for this day. I made up my mind regarding my highest bid that I was willing to commit to, and I added a little more. Then I added just a little bit more.!

Needles to say that I checked the tracking at least twice a day. I opened the box and here it was in all it’s glory: THE GLORIOUS!(If you want to read about another great find, my Holly Grail Citizen, you can do it here, The Citizen Chrono Master 5.

I have never seen another Citizen case polished like this. Some say that Grand Seiko is the best when it comes to case polishing, but maybe, just maybe they didn’t see this. The buckle is signed with GC logo and marked stainless steel. No wonder that one buckle alone sold a few years ago with over 7. USD. The black strap was original too but I changed it with a Citizen brown one for the photo shooting because the black one was almost to fragile to handle all the fuss. It was placed for safe keeping along with the GC tag.

It is made of two parts. The outer part winds it (first position) and sets. The inner part (the one with the logo) is used for changing the day and the date. Keep the watch vertical and press it. Turn the watch twelve side down and press it and the day changes alternating English and Japanese. The dial is simple, white. No luminous material, no useless writing.

It doesn’t need to brag about it. It is after all a high beat one, 1. And it is no ordinary Leopard. In fact it is powered by in- house calibre 7. COSC of today. It was guaranteed to be at - 2 +3 S/ day! Mine after all these years (made in 1. September) seems to run at +1.

S/ day. Measures (as from Stephen’s blog article HERE. Maximum variation of daily rate in the same position on two consecutive days. S. 4. 0. Difference between horizontal and vertical positions. S. 5. 0. Variation of rate per 1 degree centigrade. S. Unfortunately, Citizen doesn’t have an archive to match the two serials.

What can I say, I love the way it looks, with the gold medallion, like the Chrono Masters. This time we don’t have an eagle inlay but a GC one.

What else? I could talk a lot about it, the simple, elegant look, so understated beauty and power at the same time, so clean and perfect in every way? Is this the best vintage Citizen? It could be. The Glorious also came in a few other options. Here are a few pictures from the catalogue with some variants, a date only and a solid gold one. You cab see the price at the time 5. It also came in a slightly different case design and one with dark blue dial. Click the pictures to magnify them for better details.

To make a long story short, because I could go on and on and on.

Vintage Citizen Case Backs & Watch Production Date. Introduction: Over the years Citizen have changed their watch case back markings, whilst they have also used special backs on their high grade watches and certain specific models. This page attempts to show the basic types and how to interpret the information that case backs give – often crucial to determining the authenticity of the watch. I’ll cover special case backs on a separate page. After the very early models using the . I have identified three core formats, and I’ll show these in the following sections, along with some of the variants that can be found – one of the joys of this for the collector is the variety of case backs that occur as result. The late 1. 95. 0s also saw the introduction of serial numbers, which are very useful to us of course, because we can determine the date of production.

More on that later. Before covering the three basic designs, a word about the very early models. Little information is stamped on the back – typically it may relate only to the case back material: I’ll provide more information on the early case backs in a .

During that period Citizen’s watch production accelerated enormously, particularly with the success in the domestic Japanese market of the . An ever wider range of hand winding watches was produced, and in 1. Citizen launched their first automatic, soon followed by the . Not all watches had a serial number at this time, although sometimes they may be found stamped inside the case back. Typically the early watches use snap / press on case backs, and case type markings therefore make their appearance on the .

After looking at a fully marked example, I’ll show some of the variations. Here’s an example from 1. Notes: 1) . It is found on watches from the 1.

Some gold plated and especially gold filled watches specified the thickness of the gold, in microns. Gold filled watches were also marked to show the quality of the gold used, e. K’3) . This watch has a day window only, and is therefore known as a Homer .

Other models also use the Homer movement, so will carry their own model name, e. Model names on the case back are more common in the early models than later pieces. Model . 1. 2- 3. 45. Serial Number – by 1. This example has no indication of water resistance – watches were increasingly marked . First are two Center Second models from the 1. This has a screw on type back indicated by the indentations to locate a removal tool.

More and more watches were using screw on backs and less were using the snap on type more typical of the early model ranges. Case design was also developing and other case types were emerging. Here is an example of a fully marked .

This means these cases are one piece that have to be opened through the glass, as on this Seven: Later Case Backs: The end of the 1. Case numbers always start with the number . With the new case number system, a new model number format was also instigated: 1. The case number is often more useful than the model number, since it usually includes a reference to the movement in the watch. So for example, case number 4- 5. Model names are not often seen on the back, but some now indicate the movement to be found inside – this is very helpful of course! Here’s a typical example of a fully marked back: Notes: 1) I have not been able to determine the system, if any, for model numbers – they generally do not help to identify the movement used.

In the above example you can see how the case number relates very clearly to the movement (7. The key is knowing which decade the watch was produced in, and the Movement Table is useful for determining that. The first three numbers in the serial are used for the date – the first number is the year. So, using the Seven Star pictured above left as an example, with a serial number of 9. We can safely conclude from this that the watch was made in 1. The month is easier since Citizen used the second and third numbers in the serial to represent the month – 0.