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The Britain's Got Talent contestants: where are they now? ITV's biggest talent show, Britain's Got Talent, has been running for almost a decade now! We can't believe it either.. With humble beginnings back in 2. The X Factor, everyone wondered 'Why another talent show?'.

Dance Download Cbbc Aidan

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But since the show started, so many of our most- loved musical and talent acts today made their first public appearance on the BGT stage. And with the hilarious judging panel, made up of so many famous faces over the years - including Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, Kelly Brook (yes we forgot Kelly too!) and David Walliams - we hope it never ends!

In honour of it (almost!) being BGT's 1. Connie Talbot. Connie instantly won over both the judges and the public with her irresitable charm and fantastic voice. After BGT finished, Connie was expected to sign a contract with Sony but the label pulled out of the deal due to her age at the time. Piers Morgan later said that Connie's entry to the talent contest was why others such as Faryl and George Sampson went on to enter.

Since leaving the show Connie has gained most fame and notoriety in the Far East, becoming a You. Tube singing sensation in Asia with over 3. In 2. 01. 0, at only 1. G2. 0 summit of world leaders in South Korea.

Connie later performed to her largest- ever audience on Chinese state TV during the 2. Chinese New Year, and was described as an 'icon' in those countries. Connie is still making albums and releasing music. Megan Mc. Kenna. You probably recognise Megan from reality shows Celebrity Big Brother and The Only Way is Essex, but if you cast your mind back to 2. BGT as one half of girl group Harmony, with schoolfriend Demi. Here's their first audition to refresh your memory.. The girls made it all the way to the live finals, but sadly didn't win a place at the Royal Variety.

All programmes, series and tv-shows. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 0; 1. We can't get over Britain's Got Talent child star Aiden Davis' transformation The dancer is now 19 and is a total babe. Watch Richard Wisker's live performance of his new track Skinny Jeans live on CBBC's Friday Download. For more Friday Download full episodes, clips and fun. The Next Step (TV Series 2013–) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Richard performs Man in the Mirror, made popular by Michael Jackson. Follow Richard on Twitter: Accredited Health Services, Inc. 235 Moore Street Hackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: 201.342.8844

Nowadays, she's juggling her TV work with a relationship with TOWIE co- star Pete Wicks. Aidan Davis. Image: Aidan Davis/Instagram. Do you remember this little chap from the 2. Britain's Got Talent? Back then adorable Aidan wowed the judges, the audience and the viewers at home with his complicated dance moves to accompany Flo Rida's song Low. He finished fifth in the series that brought us Susan Boyle and Diversity.

Fast forward seven years and it looks like Aidan is all grown up, and, dare we say it.. On Aidan's Instagram the reality TV star reveals that he's now working on music so we suppose there's nothing left to do other than watch this space! Ronan Parke. Image: Ronan Parke/Instagram. Ronan was just a baby- faced 1. Britain's Got Talent in 2. At the time he stunned the 2.

ITV's biggest talent show, Britain's Got Talent, has been running for almost a decade now, beginning in 2007! We can't believe it either.

Feeling Good and even had a standing ovation from the judges! He only just missed out on the winner's spot, if you remember, to Jai MCdowall. Now he's 1. 7 and doesn't he look great? He's certainly a stylish chap. Ronan has a huge social media following who call themselves 'Ronanators'.

The young singer has been concentrating on his music since his time on the show. Faryl Smith. Unlike many other finalists Faryl did not sign a deal with Simon Cowell's record label at the end of the show, and instead signed a . She is still performing publicly and even sang a concert at Wembley in 2.

Shaheen Jafargholi. Shaheen is back on our screens after a seven year break, since he first appeared on the ITV talent show in 2. Now Shaheen is on BBC One appearing in East. Enders, as new character Shaki. The 1. 9 year old will be in the soap for the near future, but producers have not confirmed exactly how many episodes viewers should expect. Since BGT Shaheen also had the honour of performing at Michael Jackson's memorial service, after the pop legend invited him on his tour, but sadly he died before it could happen.

Hollie Steel. We barely recognised Hollie Steel seven years on from her first Britain's Got Talent audition - hasn't she grown up fast?! The then- 1. 0- year- old singer first took to the stage in 2. However, her operatic voice was well beyond her years. But Hollie prompted serious questions about having children in talent shows after she later broke down on stage, forgetting her words and having to be comforted by Amanda Holden. It didn't hold her back though, as she made it to the final to finish third behind Diversity and Susan Boyle.

Since leaving the show Hollie has continued to sing and released an album in 2. Hollie Steel Music'. The teen now performs popular You. Tube covers of pop songs including Justin Beiber and Whitney Houston.

Paul Potts. Paul Potts was the original star of Britain's Got Talent - the face that put the TV show on the map. As the winner of the first ever series, back in 2. Paul was a classic case of underdog turned singing sensation. You might remember that before auditioning for BGT Paul was a manager at The Carphone Warehouse shop in Bridgend, Wales.

After his success he performed in front of Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Show and went on to claim the number one spot in the UK Album Chart with his debut record One Chance. Fast forward to 2. Live Stream Vs Download Data Usage.

Legbourne East Wold Primary School – Mr Watson's Blog. Posted by eastwoldblog on July 1.

I know that there are some repeats, but I thought you might appreciate all three together in one place! C’mon now, Sing along! You know you want to! Mr W. Posted in A Bit of Fun, Activities, Learning Resources, Maths, Mr Watson's Updates, Music . This is published on the guidesheet as a Monday, but it is infact Tueday. No matter, I will be happy for them to arrive on either day! But no later please because I will have to start reading them straight away!

Don’t forget: You must choose a minimum of 8 activities to do. Think carefully about which activities you can do to balance sections and points.

You must complete the tasks and put them into a folder or a scrapbook. This shouldn’t necessarily be a solo project, unless you want it to be of course, get the grown- ups involved too, draw upon the skills of parents, grandparents, older (or younger!) brothers and sisters. These people LOVE a challenge – but they SHOULD NOT be doing it for you! If you have any queries, questions or concerns – just ask Mr Watson.(Handed in: Monday 1. Tuesday 1. 2th July)I know that people have been very busy and have put loads of thought and attention to detail into this project and I am sure that the standard will again be incredibly high as it has been for the last 2 terms.

The bar was set high with your . It was fabulous to host teams from Saltfleetby and Theddlethorpe into what turned into a mini- tournament.

Great support was give from staff and pupils from all 3 schools. Matches were played in great spirit and with great determination. East Wold. 6 – 0. Saltfleetby. Saltfleetbly 0 – 1.

Theddlethorpe. East Wold 7 – 0 Theddlethorpe It was brilliant to have almost the whole squad in attendance to cheer on the players and help as Ball Boys, to keep the games running smoothly. It is so good that everyone gets involved in the matches, even if they aren’t on the pitch. Without that help and support it is so much more difficult. Special thanks go to Mrs Stubbs and Mrs Laughton for again manning the refreshments! Greatfully recieved ladies.

I will try to fit in one final match before the season can be declared over. Mr W. Posted in Activities, Mr Watson's Updates, PE . That is, rather than being placed in a bin or other waste container waste is left on the pavement, park or school field. Litter is untidy and unsightly and can affect people’s view on the quality and safety of an area. Litter can consist of anything from a tiny sweet wrapper or an empty sandwich box to a discarded mattress in a public park.

The majority of litter comes from people dropping it either on purpose or by accident, although some litter comes from other sources, for example wind- blown or natural litter. From: http: //www.

I wrote this poem after having driven into work one morning past a series of fresh fly- tipping sites. There were a number of piles of household waste, builders waste as well as standard rubbish, such as plastic bottles and food packaging. We all have a duty to dispose of litter in a responsible way. Fly- tipping and dropping rubbish on the ground is not responsible. Posted in Literacy, Mr Watson's Updates .

Gary’s been arrested,Better get down their, I’ll take the four wheel drive,I’d love to hear more, but my life is on the go I maybe just human, but the longer I live. The more I make pollution. About the poem. I wrote this poem because people are using far too much electricity and are polluting our planet.

The ways people can stop this is are things as simple as low energy light bulbs, turning off the TV, sharing cars and many other low energy activities. The man in this poem uses almost as much electricity as is physically possible. This poem is an example of the worse possible pollution. Although this poem sounds slightly exaggerated we still make a lot of pollution. In the UK we spend 2. If every house hold in Britain had one energy saving light bulb we would save enough carbon to fill the royal Albert hall over 1,9.

Over 9. 00 million pounds worth of energy is wasted on people leaving machines on stand by. If every house hold in Britain were to turn the TV of at the plug when it is not in use we would save over half of that amount.

If every house hold in Britain were to switch their cold appliances to energy saving cold appliances. We would save enough carbon dioxide to fill 2. Decker buses. Posted in Children's Work, Literacy ? Was written to raise awareness about animals are dying and most are being killed by human activity.

Animals are living creatures just me and you so they have a right to a happy and healthy life like us. RA is a passionate writer about the environment and animals and is well on his way to being a professional poem writer and is wanting to carry on his talent. Posted in Children's Work, Literacy . Each of these requires you to use different skills.

You get to choose what to do and how much because each activity has a !