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Unified Video Decoder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unified Video Decoder (UVD), previously called Universal Video Decoder, is the name given to AMD's dedicated video decoding. ASIC. There are multiple versions implementing a multitude of video codecs, such as H. VC- 1. UVD was introduced with the Radeon HD 2. Series and is integrated into some of the AMD GPUs and APUs.

Decoder Download Dvd Needed

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UVD occupies a considerable amount of the die surface. UVD, as stated by AMD, handles decoding of H.

AVC, and VC- 1 video codecs entirely in hardware. The UVD technology is based on the Cadence Tensilica Xtensa. MPEG- 2 decoding is not performed within UVD, but in the shader processors. The decoder meets the performance and profile requirements of Blu- ray and HD DVD, decoding H. Mbit/s. It has context- adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC) support for H.

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AVC. Unlike video acceleration blocks in previous generation GPUs, which demanded considerable host- CPU involvement, UVD offloads the entire video- decoder process for VC- 1 and H. MPEG- 2 decode is also supported, but the bitstream/entropy decode is not performed for MPEG- 2 video in hardware.

Previously, neither ATI Radeon R5. ATI Avivo nor NVidia Geforce 7 series' Pure. Video assisted front- end bitstream/entropy decompression in VC- 1 and H.

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Decoder Download Dvd Needed

CPU performed this work. AMD has also stated that the UVD component being incorporated into the GPU core only occupies 4.

UVD+ support HDCP for higher resolution video streams. The UVD 2 features full bitstream decoding of H.

MPEG- 4 AVC, VC- 1, as well as i. DCT level acceleration of MPEG2 video streams. Performance improvements allow dual video stream decoding and Picture- in- Picture mode. This makes UVD2 full BD- Live compliant.

The UVD 2. 2 features a re- designed local memory interface and enhances the compatibility with MPEG2/H. VC- 1 videos. However, it was marketed under the same alias as . The nature of UVD 2. UVD 2 can be accounted for this move. UVD 3 adds support for additional hardware MPEG2 decoding (entropy decode), Div. X and Xvid via MPEG- 4 Part 2 decoding (entropy decode, inverse transform, motion compensation) and Blu- ray 3. D via MVC (entropy decode, inverse transform, motion compensation, in- loop deblocking).

UVD 3 also adds support for Blu- ray 3. D stereoscopic displays. UVD 5 was introduced with the AMD Radeon R9 2. New to UVD is full support for 4.

K H. 2. 64 video, up to level 5. Kp. 60). The exclusion of UVD was also confirmed by AMD officials. This also includes the RS7x. AMD 7. 00 chipset series.

IGP motherboards. Feature overview.

One of these interfaces is then used by end- user software, for example VLC media player or GStreamer, to access the UVD hardware and make use of it. AMD Catalyst, AMD's proprietary graphics device driver that supports UVD, is available for Microsoft Windows and some Linux distributions. Additionally, a free device driver is available, which also supports the UVD hardware. Support for UVD has been available in AMD's proprietary driver Catalyst version 8. October 2. 00. 8 through X- Video Motion Compensation (Xv. MC) or X- Video Bitstream Acceleration (Xv. BA). An implementation of VDPAU is available as Gallium.

D state tracker in Mesa 3. D. On 2. 8 June 2. Phoronix published some benchmarks on using Unified Video Decoder through the VDPAU interface running MPlayer on Ubuntu 1. Mesa 3. D. UVD currently only supports DXVA (Direct. X Video Acceleration)API specification for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox 3. DXVA to be able to utilize UVD hardware acceleration.

Support for running custom Free. RTOS- based firmware on the Radeon HD 2.

UVD core (based on an Xtensa CPU), interfaced with a STM3. ARM- based board via I2. C, was attempted as of January 2. Archived from the original on September 2. Retrieved April 7, 2. Since deinterlacing and other AVIVO post- processing actions are done by the shader hardware, the limited shading capabilities of these cards meant that AMD couldn. Sapphire R9 2. 85 Dual- X OC.

Retrieved 3 September 2. Retrieved 3 September 2. Retrieved 6 July 2. Archived from the original(PDF) on September 1. Retrieved September 2. Retrieved January 2.

Download K- Lite Codec Pack. There are four different variants of the K- Lite Codec Pack. Ranging from a very small bundle that contains only the most essential decoders to a large and more comprehensive bundle. The global differences between the variants can be found below. Detailed differences can be found on the comparison of abilities and comparison of contents pages.

These codec packs are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8. The packs include 3. Windows! Basic. Small but extremely powerful! Already contains everything you need to play all common audio and video file formats. Supports playback of: AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, TS, M2. TS, WMV, RM, RMVB, OGM, Web.

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Contents. Changelog. Full. Same as Standard, plus: DC- Bass Source Mod (for Optim. Frog/Tak/Tracker audio files)DScaler. MPEG- 2 decoder (for DVD playback in WMP on Windows XP)ffdshow audio/video processorffdshow audio/video decoder (as alternative choice for LAV decoders)Graph. Studio. Next. Download Full. Contents. Changelog.

Mega. Same as Full, plus: ACM and VFW codecs for video encoding/editing. AC3. Filter (as alternative choice for LAV and ffdshow audio decoders)DXVA1 hardware acceleration (for Windows XP)Haali Media Splitter (as alternative choice for LAV Splitter) Haali Matroska Muxer. Download Mega. Contents. Changelog. Update. Toshiba Satellite C660 Intel Graphics Driver read more. Additional updates for the latest version of the codec pack. This is not a stand- alone installer. This update requires that the latest version of Basic/Standard/Full/Mega is already installed.

Download Update. Beta. Beta versions contain the latest updates and improvements, but they may have small bugs, and have not been tested as well as normal releases. Only suitable for experienced users who like to try out the latest stuff and want to provide feedback.

Beta versions are available for Basic/Standard/Full/Mega.