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Ditch your phone's default calendar for one of these apps. Editors' note, May 2. This post has been updated with more information.

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Ditch your phone's default calendar for one of these apps. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET Google Calendar. Free, iOS and Android.

The iCal Calendars category of Mac OS X Downloads. Brazilian Holiday Calendar 2010 01/07/2010 Federal and State Brazillian.

Loved by many, the app has undergone a few redesigns over its lifespan on Android, but the i. OS version matches up almost exactly to the current experience on Android. The i. OS calendar app, while simple and easy to use, doesn't give you many options to personalize it. And with most Androids, the preinstalled calendar is often a bland, unintuitive app built by your phone's manufacturer. I've rounded up some of the best of the bunch, focusing on calendars that pack a lot of style without sacrificing features to see how they measure up to Google Calendar.

Download Cnet Free Calendars

But let's start off with the newest addition first. One of the best things about it is that the layout and design is familiar if you already use Google Calendar on your computer and it has near feature parity on both smartphones.

You can pick from a week, month, day and agenda view and each option gives you just enough information - - no more, no less. Also, adding a new event is as easy as it is on your computer - - just pick the date and time, choose which calendar (if applicable) and add the correct details.

What's great: Google Calendar carries over the same familiar design from the Web to your phone and it finally also works for i. Phone. What's not: If you have a lot of events on your calendar, the weekly view can get too cluttered to see each event. You cannot yet use it for i.

Pad. Developed by Any. Cal also sports a sleek, minimal design.

When you launch the app, it automatically jumps to today's agenda, which shows all of your events and Any. This is different from other calendar apps, which show an hourly timeline with blocks of time shaded for each appointment. Whether Cal's layout works for you or not is a matter of personal preference, but I find it easy to use. That makes scheduling a new event tough, because you have to tap each day to see your schedule. There's also no weekly view. What's great: The app's design is impressive, and the layout makes it easy to see what's on your agenda. What's not: There's no weekly view, and adding new events could be a lot more fluid.

The main view shows you a list of upcoming events in the next week with a minimized month view at the top. There's a small arrow at the bottom left, which helps you navigate - - just tap it at any time to jump back to the current date. There's also a weekly view, which shows three days at a time, with colorful blocked- off chunks of time for each event. For instance, the word . It's a small touch designed to keep you organized. What's great: The clean design is appealing and clutter- free, and it includes several different views for checking your schedule. Trapcode Horizon Download Free here.

What's not: The monthly view is almost useless, as it doesn't show if you have any appointments scheduled on each day. The app syncs with your calendars, like every other app on this list does, but it goes one step further to sync with your email too. It does that to find and add relevant conversations to your upcoming events. That's incredibly helpful if you need to check appointment details, or just see what your friend asked you to bring to the BBQ. You don't need to be precise, you can enter in . The app will even let you know if there's a conflict.

What's great: The app's extras, including finding relevant emails, directly dialing into conference calls, and fetching your flight status, make it more feature- rich than its competition. What's not: The weekly view can be messy and hard to read. Fortunately, the developers realized i. Phone users could benefit too, and streamlined the interface to look great on the smaller screen. At the top of the screen you'll find a five- day view, with events represented by colored dots. The app uses the same colors you have set in the i.

OS Calendar app to make it easy to recognize your various calendars. You can also turn your i. Phone into landscape mode to see a more detailed 5- day view. Also of note, i. OS Reminders integration means you'll get a notification for your events.

You can get Horizon for free, but there's also a Pro version that adds extra features, which goes for $4. If you want more information about the weather, you can touch the icon to see the details.

You also can quickly switch between day, week and month views to see what your schedule looks like at a glance. What's great: The interface lets you use gestures to quickly navigate between views. What's not: There's no map integration in the free version, so you'll have to spend the 5 bucks to get notifications about your upcoming event such as weather changes and traffic info. Along with the typical calendar features, including a monthly view and an agenda, Sol. Calendar comes with tons of extras to help you plan your week or add some flair to your events. There are several unique sticker packs included (and more that you can download) that you can add to your events for a dose of personality.