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Wikibooks, open books for an open world. This wikibook is a Gameplay Manual and Rule Book for the popular open- source computer game platform Triple. Klip Download Free. A which is is released for free use under the GPL. Triple. A is a turn based computer strategy game derived from the Axis & Allies board game. A wide variety of playable maps and scenarios have been developed for Triple.

A. This work is not yet complete, please help to improve it. Getting Started. Triple.

A games involve various scenarios between world powers depicted on maps of varying size and complexity. Many maps for individual games are historical, being primarily based on relative strength and position of world powers leading up to the Second World War.

Some maps are more fantasy oriented or based on non historical scenarios. Triple. A comes with multiple maps and over 1.

Triple. A supports single player vs AI, hot- seat, Play by Email, and a hosted online lobby. Triple. A is Free Software, and is released under the GPL. How to Install Triple. A. In the top left hand corner, Triple. A displays the details of the currently loaded game.

These include: Game Name; Game Version; Game Round; and File Name of the current game. Choose Game. This button allows the player to change the existing game (displayed next to Game Name) to another game. This button launches a second window displaying the games available in the left column, along with a brief description of each.

Select the desired game by clicking with the left mouse key and hitting OK. Click Cancel to close the window without making any changes to the current game. Load Saved Game. Hit the Load Saved Game button to return to a previously saved game.

Loading a saved game returns a game's territories, forces, turn round, and technologies to the in game saved position. NOTE: Loading a previously saved game does not retain who previously controlled each world power. Selections on who controls each world power must again be made once a game in initiated. This is true both as to human opponents and as to AI opponents. Saved games typically have the filename extension . Player designated saves can be made using any name that includes the . Triple. A has an automatic autosave and additionally separately saves for each even and odd numbered turn.

Respectively, these are named: autosave. There are three ways of starting the Battle Calculator: Pressing Ctrl- B while hovering over a territory. Clicking the button in the territory tab. Opening the calculator from the menu bar. On the right of the screen, click on word .

Below you will find a table with current states of all countries: PUs, Production, Number of units, Total Unit Value, Victory Conditions( that is an automatic way of finding the winning side: it counts the territories marked by stars (that are considered strategically important) ocupied by that country)History Battle casualty. Game history will be shown on the left.

You can click on the . On the left side of the screen select . On the left of the screen you should see the value of the battle casualty. That is the sum of the PU values of defending units minus the sum of the PU values of attacking units.

Edit mode. To get to edit mode, from the top menu select Game - > Enable Edit Mode. Than use the menu on the right of the screen to make the edits(. On the right of any country, the player is written. Click on it, and you can select from three levels of AIs. E. Z. Fodder (AI) is the weakest AI. Moore N. Able (AI) is the best AI.

Dynamix (AI) is a Land- Only AI that is still in Beta development (it will not move any ships). It can also be customized to . After starting the game, from the top menu click on Game- > Change Dynamix AI Settings.

On the top of the new window you can see . Just select the way you want to allow Dynamix AI to cheat.

However, Dynamix AI will not cheat at every turn. Basic Rules (using Big World as an example). Note there is an options tab that will bring up a menu of options and variations to the game rules (detailed later). Click play and the map should appear. On the Big World map, the allies are Russia, UK, China and the USA.

The axis are Germany, Japan and Italy. Play continues until either one side surrenders or a certain number of victory cities are captured by one side. The number of victory cities is an option, from (in Big World) 1. The allies start with 1. Typically an opponent will surrender well before the victory city condition is met.

Game- play proceeds one round at a time, wherein each country has a turn to move.