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Squarespace Review & Rating . The recent Squarespace 7 update addresses one of my biggest problems with the earlier version: It now lets you make edits right on your preview page, without requiring you to switch between preview and edit modes. It's definitely more intuitive to use now before, but it's still not as simple as Wix, which also offers a lot more third- party website- feature integrations. Nevertheless, Squarespace builds some of the best- looking sites around, with bona fide responsive designs. Free accounts aren't available, but you do get a custom domain name for your site, and a new low entry price point can get you a single online page for just $5 per month.

Squarespace gets you a modern, beautiful, responsive website for desktop and mobile, and it lets you expand to full-scale commerce, too. Ship more in less time. Connect Magento account with all major shipping carriers and print labels. Learn how to connect your Shopify store to ShipStation . At ShipStation, our goal is to simplify the shipping process for online merchants. Logistics, tracking, shipping. AgileElite is a multi-carrier enterprise-grade, freight and parcel shipping software application.

Our web-based shipping software takes you from zero to ship in no time. Start your free trial today & see why we're the #1 choice for online sellers. Which website builder software is the best and easiest to use? Our comparison includes pros, cons, pricing, templates, customer support, and more.

Download Shipstation Connect

Warehouse guru and Ship Hero founder Aaron Rubin offers us his expertise for acquiring, running and setting up a warehouse.

Starting Up. Squarespace offers no long- term free account option (Weebly and Wix), but you can try it free for two weeks, though your test site won't be live on the Web till you pay for an account. Accounts start at $5 per month for a single Landing Page, $8 for a site with up to 2. I tested), and run all the way up to $7. For a full rundown of the pricing options, see Squarespace's pricing page.

Download Shipstation Connect

Your first choice is whether you want to build a page, a site, or a store. As with pretty much every site builder, you then start by picking a template.

Squarespace offers 2. After choosing a template, but before you can actually start building a site, a small questionnaire asks what the purpose of your site is. This step is similar to one in Weebly, but it's not as specific as Wix's scores of site purposes from which you can choose. In Squarespace, you enter the site name, business name, and address (and whether it's a retail location). This is nice, because it saves you from entering this later in the site builder. Interface. Like the pages Squarespace designs, its editing interface is one of the most elegant things around.

And the latest version is more intuitive to use than ever, though the lack of an element sidebar can still be a little disorienting at first. Instead of using a permanent toolbar along the side of the builder interface as most other site builders do, Squarespace opens a dialog box of content items when you click on a spot on your page that can accept a new element. You hover the mouse over an available Content Block (which appears as a sort of sideways teardrop icon) to edit or add more elements. You can easily hide and unhide the left- side menu rail by tapping an arrow in the top- left corner. Editing happens in full- screen view; you just tap any Edit button to get going. Squarespace lets you navigate your site using the navigation on the preview itself, rather than making you use a separate menu as Wix does. There's a healthy selection of page elements to choose from, one of which lets you enter markdown, a lightweight webpage- editing language.

There are of course all the usual text, image, gallery, spacers, buttons, charts, forms, and links. But you don't get free- form shapes as you do in Wix.

Some useful integrations like Sound. Cloud, Flickr, and Twitter are available, but it's a far cry from Weebly and Wix's galleries of third- party widgets. You add pages from the side menu panel, with nine choices, including blank page, products, cover page, folder, album, blog, gallery, events, and link. Convert Endian Download. You can move pages up and down in the navigation, but you can't drag them onto other pages for a subordinate navigation level, as you can in Wix. Instead, you have to use the Folder type to effect nested navigation. Working With Images.

Not only does Squarespace offer integrated Aviary online photo editing for your uploaded images, but it also lets you search for, preview, and buy licenses to use Getty Images professional stock photography on your site. The licensing cost for my test images was $1.

Unlike Wix, however, Squarespace doesn't save a repository of your uploaded images for use elsewhere on your site. You add a gallery to any page or add a gallery page, which takes its design from your template—there aren't any customizations to the gallery's appearance if you go the page route.

On- page galleries can appear as slideshows, carousels, grids, or stacks, and you get behavior customization choices with them, such as showing the title and description when the mouse is over an image, transitions, and a lightbox option for the grid gallery type. You can also adjust spacing, but you don't get the degree of control over gallery appearance that you do with some other site builders. This enforces good design, but limits creativity. Blogging. You can add pretty much any type of content to a blog post that you can add to any other page you build. You can also save and schedule posts for publishing later—a must- have feature. Posts include a heart icon for liking, comments, and a share icon.

You can enable an RSS feed for your blog, and use an email address to write new posts when you're afield. You can even set up i. Tunes podcasting integration. Making Money From Your Site.