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Reader comments WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets major new update, loads of new features.

Backuptrans Android Whats. App to i. Phone Transfer - Free download and software reviews. Pros. It detected my phone and obtained all the messages.

Cons. It didn't transfer the messages onto my iphone. Summary. I had a very miserable experience and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I paid for the professional license and initially thought it was just 2. AUstralia, it made me pay in total over 4. After that the software showed a couple of errors on both the iphone and the android device. Thankfully the software showed that the way to fix the iphone was to run a separate installer to extract a folder and copy some dlls to the installation folder in program files.

Do you have the most popular messaging app in the world on your Windows phone? WhatsApp is a low cost application that lets you send messages, pictures, video, voice.

Funny thing was the installation was onto a completely different folder in users/app data which i had to figure out. Then it was the turn of the android.

First it siaid it was not detecting the android. Then they prompted to turn usb debug mode. I had to unconnect the usb cable to be able to turn this on and then the software had to restart and it showed copying files and after a long time showed another error and then was prompted to fix that using a root software.

Then i tried rooting and that worked ie the rooting of the phone. Then the software copied all the whatsapp messages and i can see them on the software and later although it showed the messages were transferred to the iphone,nothing was transferred. I don't know if this was a issue because i also got some messages on the Iphone as well but all in all i was the big loser. I lost my money of 4. I don't have my old messages on my new iphone. I am so unhappy. Reply to this review.

Read reply (1)Was this review helpful?(1) (0) Reply by Julia. It was able to backup my entire Android Whatsapp (> 3. USB 2. 0. Transferring them to a new i. Phone took a little longer but the transfer went smoothly. The application itself may not seem entirely intuitive but the website has instructions (step by step) on how to do this transfer. Best of all, I was using this for the first time on a Saturday morning and emailed support as I was a little confused about why my license key wasn't working. They responded within 1.

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And over the course of 3- 4 emails we figured out the issue (I downloaded the wrong application, hence the key not working). Excellent support! Cons. I would say splitting up the application to Android to i. Phone, and then having a separate application for i. Phone to Android (or a higher priced bilateral transfer) is a bit much. I think it would be easier for the developer and user if you download one app and then buy a license key for the specific process you need to do. Summary. If you're moving from i.

Download Whatsapp For My Htc Windows PhoneDownload Whatsapp For My Htc Windows Phone

Phone to Android or vice- versa, I highly recommend this app. It is a bit on the expensive side but it does what it promises, and does it fast.

Download Whatsapp for Windows 8.1 and use the popular Messenger App from your Windows Mobile. Find here so many ways to Download Whatsapp!

The higher cost is offset by the excellent support. I'm considering moving my SMS messages with their SMS transfer app. Reply to this review.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone. Do you have the most popular messaging app in the world on your Windows phone?

Whats. App is a low cost application that lets you send messages, pictures, video, voice notes and more to your friends. It greatly enhances MMS and SMS functionality by replacing them with a data connection through the internet, either with your cellphone's 3. G or 4. G data connection, or a nearby Wi. Fi connection. However, to use Whats. App on your Windows Phone, you need to be running at least Windows Phone version 7. WP 7. 5, 8, 8. 1 or 1.

For this reason, you should always use a Wi. Fi connection if you need to save on data costs. If you receive Error Code 8. Microsoft account with the right credentials. Check and re- enter your password to fix this. Also, you need to have your Microsoft account synced properly. To fix this error, the following are some suggestions: To re- enter your password for your Microsoft account connect your phone to the internet, go to Settings + Emails + Account and re- enter your password.

If this doesn't work, try adding a new Microsoft account to your device. What Are Word Free Download there. But if you don't want this to display to prevent calls or messages from strangers you may use your verification code instead. Reserve this app for later use. If your Whats. App is already installed in your phone, you have to reinstall it to execute the cheat procedure. This cheat procedure is done by as the Whats. App sends a verification code to your phone, you have to switch your phone into flight mode.

This is to block the verification code be sent to you on your Windows phone. Another option in handling verification of your code is to select . Here you give your email address. Choose send and next click the cancel button. And Whats. App cannot call you because of this. Next is to spoof the message sent by Whats. App. You do this by using the previously mention Spoof text message app.

Locate your message and paste it to the spoofed verification. Since Whats. App uses your mobile number as your username you still can use Whats. App on your phone, Tablet, or device even without your SIM but with the use of WLAN connection to your Windows phone. Restoring deleted message.

Your messages are stored in the SDcard. So even if you delete it on Whats. App, it is still saved in the SDcard. The messages saved are from the past 7 days or from the present day.

To recover the message go to SDcard, then to Whats. App, then database. The Whats. App is not a single app but there are also other apps linked to it to function for it, like Magiapp tricks for Whats. App. This enables you to send and hide pictures located in another photo. If you want to send the same message in bulk, you use broadcast message.

To check the box beside the contacts you want to send, types your message and send. With one created message, it will be sent to lots of contacts. You can make backups of the Whats. App conversations. If the message is so important, so many, and you want a copy of it, you make backups. Whats. App make backups everyday at 4 AM.

Go to the Settings menu, select 'Chat preferences' and click on Chat history backup option. To hide time stamp on your message, you data connection. Type in your message in Whats. App. Return data connection and send your message. This will hide the time stamp of your message. Or other method is install Whatsapp. Hide. Choose 'Block last seen'.

While you are on Whats. App you cannot send the message but if you exit the application , your message will be sent automatically . You can register several accounts in Whats. App using Switch Me multiple accounts app.

To send . APK, . PDF, . DOC, and . ZIP files to other users of Whats. App, you use Cloud to send. You can change the Whats. App chat wallpaper. You may use picture from the gallery of your phone or through the use of Whats. App wallpaper app.

You can send Whats. App conversation history to the other people via email. Usually in chat apps, users have public profile and picture to get an idea about who you are talking to. Not even satisfied of viewing the profile picture. They become a fan, so much interested. They want to use the picture as their home screen wallpaper or print it for their personal interest and use. But to Whats. App, you can't download profile pictures, this is for security purposes.

Extending your personal interest to the picture. Although you cannot download the profile picture when you click it the picture will be saved in SDcard, that means Whats. App downloaded it at the first place without your instructions. Like the pictures taken by the camera of your phone, it is saved in the SDcard. To get the photo, you go to SDcard, Whats. App, then click on profile picture. But if you want to stop automatic download of your profile picture, you use Whats.

App plus app. You can also play tricks on your friends by changing his/her profile picture. They will be shocked or surprised, but tell him/her it's just a joke and you can change it back.