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Entropy (energy dispersal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In physics education, the concept of entropy is traditionally introduced as a quantitative measure of disorder. While acknowledging this approach is technically sound, some educators argue entropy and related thermodynamic concepts are easier to understand if entropy is described as a measure of energy dispersal instead. In this alternative approach, entropy is a measure of energydispersal or distribution at a specific temperature. Changes in entropy can be quantitatively related to the distribution or the spreading out of the energy of a thermodynamic system, divided by its temperature. The energy dispersal approach to teaching entropy was developed to facilitate teaching entropy to students beginning university chemistry and biology. This new approach also avoids ambiguous terms such as disorder and chaos, which have multiple everyday meanings.

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Comparisons with traditional approach. Not only does this situation cause confusion, but it also hampers the teaching of thermodynamics. Students were being asked to grasp meanings directly contradicting their normal usage, with equilibrium being equated to . Many of those who learned by practising calculations did not understand well the intrinsic meanings of equations, and there was a need for qualitative explanations of thermodynamic relationships. All explanations of where and how energy is dispersing or spreading have been recast in terms of energy dispersal, so as to emphasise the underlying qualitative meaning. Entropy is then depicted as a sophisticated kind of . The equations are explored with reference to the common experiences, with emphasis that in chemistry the energy that entropy measures as dispersing is the internal energy of molecules.

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The statistical interpretation is related to quantum mechanics in describing the way that energy is distributed (quantized) amongst molecules on specific energy levels, with all the energy of the macrostate always in only one microstate at one instant. Entropy is described as measuring the energy dispersal for a system by the number of accessible microstates, the number of different arrangements of all its energy at the next instant. Thus, an increase in entropy means a greater number of microstates for the final state than for the initial state, and hence more possible arrangements of a system's total energy at any one instant.

Here, the greater 'dispersal of the total energy of a system' means the existence of many possibilities. In this approach, all everyday spontaneous physical happenings and chemical reactions are depicted as involving some type of energy flows from being localized or concentrated to becoming spread out to a larger space, always to a state with a greater number of microstates. An advanced text, Physical Chemistry 8th edition, by Peter Atkins of Oxford University and Julio De Paula, says . When heat is created by any irreversible process (such as friction), or when heat is diffused by conduction, mechanical energy is dissipated, and it is impossible to restore the initial state. His analogies included an imaginary intelligent being called .

Encarta 2006 Download Cracked

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This dispersion is transmitted via atomic vibrations and collisions. According to the second law of thermodynamics, isolated systems will tend to redistribute the energy of the system into a more probable arrangement or a maximum probability energy distribution, i. By virtue of the First law of thermodynamics, the total energy does not change; instead, the energy tends to disperse from a coherent to a more incoherent state. Gupta defined entropy as a function that measures how energy disperses when a system changes from one state to another.

Leff set out what he called . Styer, published an article in 2. Lambert argued that portraying entropy as . He has gone on to develop detailed resources for chemistry instructors, equating entropy increase as the spontaneous dispersal of energy, namely how much energy is spread out in a process, or how widely dispersed it becomes . All rights reserved.^ abc. Frank L. Updated version at here.^Frank L.

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