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Sinophobia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anti- Chinese sentiment, Sinophobia (from Late Latin. Sinae . Its opposite is Sinophilia.

The first handheld mobile cell phone was demonstrated by Motorola in 1973. The first commercial automated cellular network was launched in Japan by Nippon Telegraph.

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Some of the reasons of anti- Chinese sentiment are its government, the (Communist Party of China), and its human rights. Sinophobia also stems from older ethnic tensions, such as those related to Japanese nationalism. Region- based. According to a survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong in December 2. Hong Kongers identify themselves as . The conspicuous consumption and rude behaviour of some mainlanders have upset many locals. In 2. 01. 2, a group of Hong Kong residents published a newspaper advertisement depicting mainland visitors and immigrants as locusts. However, since 2.

Japan has seen a gradual resurgence of anti- Chinese sentiments. Many Japanese believe that China is using the issue of the countries' checkered history, such as the Japanese history textbook controversies, many past war crimes committed by Japan's military, and official visits to the Yasukuni Shrine (at which a number of war criminals are interred), both as a diplomatic card and to make Japan a scapegoat in domestic politics. Anti- Chinese sentiments in Japan have been on a sharp rise since 2. According to Pew Global Attitude Project (2. China was 8. 4%, unfavorable view of Chinese people was 7. Sinophobic perception from any other country in the world.

Until the arrival of Western imperialism the 1. Korea had been part of the sinocentric East Asian regional order. This caused historical resentment between the two groups.

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The Korean peninsula was a primary target because of its close proximity. The Korean court requested and received aid from Ming China, which helped thwart the Japanese invasion.

However, the Chinese soldiers were often indistinguishable from the Japanese invaders, and they also looted and killed Korean civilians. It was highly sensationalized in the Japanese and Korean press, and used as propaganda to increase anti- Chinese sentiment. It caused a series of anti- Chinese riots throughout Korea, starting in Incheon on July 3 and spreading rapidly to other cities. The Chinese think that 1. The worst riot occurred in Pyongyang on July 5. In this effect, the Japanese had a considerable influence on sinophobia in Korea.

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The participation of the PVA made the relations between South Korea and China hostile. Throughout the Cold War, there were no official relations between capitalist South Korea and communist China until August 2. 2008 Vw Gti Repair Manual Pdf. Seoul and Beijing.

In the 1. 96. 0s, South Korean laws directed against foreign property ownership, at a time when most foreign ownership was by ethnic Chinese, led to many Chinese emigrating from South Korea to Taiwan. According to Pew Global Attitude Project, favorable view of China steadily declined from 6. China rose from 3. The conflict erupted after the Chinese Foreign Ministry in April deleted references of the kingdom from the introduction of Korean history on its Web site and that deletion angered many Koreans.

Beijing refused to accept Seoul's demand to restore on its Foreign Ministry Web site the part on Korean history including the ancient kingdom. Many historians and officials in Korea believed the row is at a critical stage in diplomatic relations, with Chinese defiance of Korean requests to reinstate acknowledgment of Goguryeo as a Korean kingdom being seen by Seoul as humiliating and threatening to unravel ties between the two neighbors. This sparked a massive uproar in South Korea when the project was widely publicized in 2. Fear and hatred of erliiz (literally, double seeds), a derogatory term for people of mixed Han Chinese and Mongol ethnicity. Erliiz are seen as a Chinese plot of . The policy has nearly doubled Singapore's population since 1. Many of the newcomers are from China, although about half are from Southeast Asia.

The immigrants are blamed for competing with the native- born Singaporeans for jobs and housing. There had been several incidents of racial conflict between the Malays and Chinese before the 1. For example, in Penang, hostility between the races turned into violence during the centenary celebration of George Town in 1. The 1. 3 May Incident probably the highest race riot happen in Malaysia with more than 1. Chinese. Vietnam. These ranged from outright massacres.

Anti- Chinese sentiments however had spiked in 2. China formed an administration in the disputed islands. From 1. 97. 8 to 1. Chinese left Vietnam by boat (mainly former South Vietnam citizens fleeing the Vietcong) as refugees or were expelled across the land border with China. However, in the 1. Chinese Communist plot to overthrow the government, several restrictions were placed on Chinese and their intra- community assembling.

By 1. 98. 4, as a result of the Khmer Rouge genocide and emigration, only about 6. Chinese remained in the country. A Vietnamese report had noted .