Graflex Speed Graphic Instruction Manual

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South Bristol Views Graflex Manuals and more 0. The Super Graphic Cam Designer program.

Graflex Speed Graphic Instruction Manual

This simple windows program will draw/print/save a cam for any focal length you enter. The nine cam page shown at left can also be set for any focal lengths. There's no documentation or help file yet so if you have any questions, just ask. After you print out the cam, cut it out, glue it to a suitable material then cut/file down to the printed lines. Necessary measurements are given on the printed page. You do need a dial or digital caliper for this! I've used 2. 0 gauge brass sheet to make cams.

My brass measures . It's spec'd at . 0. Original cams are chrome plated brass measuring . Click the name/link above to download the program.

Extract the program into it's own folder and run it. You should be able to figure it out.. Note: You need the VB6 runtime for this to work. It should be in most windows installations or as long as any other VB6 program was previously installed. Since this program has no installation program, the runtime is not included. You can download it by clicking here.

This should fix the problem of getting the message; “Component . Now 6 times the resolution. But; you can't see all the cams.. But; the sheet is now scrollable and sizable on screen. Also did some wok on the plateau at the . Update 0. 4/0. 2/1. Cams now much more accurate.

Printout for the 9 cam sheet should be better. This in not official, but is the last calculated value. Added the circles to match the holes in original cams. Cam high point is now .

Update 0. 4/0. 6/1. Just a minor update to add scroll bars to the 9 cam sheet in high res for easier scrolling. The Ask And The Answer Pdf Download there.

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Graflex Speed Graphic Instruction Manual