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How to Install JAVA 8 (JDK 8u. Linux Systems. Java is a collection of software better known for it’s cross platform availability was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1. Java platform is used by millions of applications and websites (specially used in banking sites) due to its fast, secure and reliable nature. Today, Java is everywhere, from desktops to data- centers, game consoles to scientific computers, mobile phones to the Internet, etc. Open. JDK is an open source implementation of Java application. Latest stable release of Java version is 1.

Install Java 8 in Linux. Before installing Java, make sure to first verify the version of installed Java. Make a directory where you want to install Java. For global access (for all users) install it preferably in the directory /opt/java. Now it’s time to download Java (JDK) 8u.

Java download page. Once file has been downloaded, you may extract the tarball using tar command as shown below. If you are using 3.

Next, move to the extracted directory and use command update- alternatives to tell system where java and its executables are installed. Tell system to update javac alternatives as.

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Similarly, update jar alternatives as. Setting up Java Environment Variables. Now You may verify the Java version again, to confirm. To enable Java 8 JDK 8u. Support in Firefox, you need to run following commands to enable Java module for Firefox. On Debian, Ubuntu and Mint.

For 3. 2- bit Systems - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- . Now verify the Java support by restarting Firefox and enter about: plugins on the address bar. You will get similar to below screen. Java 8 Support in Firefox.

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Install NVIDIA Drivers in RHEL/Cent. OS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint. During an interview, in Finland Linus Torvalds the man behind the exceptional idea of Linux and git source code management, gave his . It gets even more worse with the truth that NVIDIA is getting hot with every passing day in Android based mobile handset market which literally means that NVIDIA is not supporting Linux. Install NVIDIA Drivers in Linux. The outburst of anger and frustration was the result of the question asked by a Linux user.

The OpenJDK project produces a number of components: most importantly the virtual machine, the Java Class Library and the Java compiler. Install NVIDIA Drivers in RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

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NVIDIA was very much clear when asked about this, and clearly stated that NVIDIA is not going to support Linux to the point, Windows and Mac would get. This issue of NVIDIA is not new and the users have been complaining for years regarding this. The Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has tried to fill this with its own open source driver. NVIDIA refused to release Open Source driver saying that it can not make critical informations publicly available. On the other hand, the act of Linus Torvalds of showing middle finger on camera was criticized, some said that it does not suit an intellectual like him, other said it was not professional at all, while some said that even Torvalds is a human and it was just an outburst. Most of the today’s distro comes with an open source NVIDIA alternative called .

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Nouveau render graphics perfectly, however it lacks 3. D support. Hence to Install Proprietary NVIDIA driver. Nouveau must be stopped from starting automatically, which we will be calling as blacklisting throughout the article. Installation of NVIDIA Drivers in RHEL/Cent. OS and Fedora. First, install needed “Development” packages using YUM command as shown.# yum groupinstall .

Download drivers using following link. Download/index. aspx. Disable Nouveau Driveropen “/etc/modprobe. Login into command mode using Alt+F4 / ALT+F5 as root.# reboot. Once you in command line mode, next go to the folder where you’ve downloaded NVIDIA driver and run the script as show. If any dependency, you need to Yum the required packages./NVIDIA- Linux*.

Once installation is complete, generate xorg. X - configure. Copy xorg. X1. 1/xorg. conf.# cp /root/xorg. X1. 1/xorg. conf. Now switch to X Window as root user by typing.# init 5. Launch NVIDIA configuration window and set the Resolution, manually, and at last click on . For reference, follow the screen shot added below.

Installation of NVIDIA Drivers Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint. First, check the information about your supported Graphics Card by issuing following command.# lspci - nn . Save and close it. Disable Nouveau Driver.

Open “/etc/modprobe. Save and close the file. Next, do a system update and then install NVIDIA drivers and required Kernel packages using “apt- get” command.# apt- get update. Stop the X service (gdm.

Generate new xorg. X - configure. Copy xorg. X1. 1/xorg. conf.# cp /root/xorg. X1. 1/xorg. conf. Now switch to X Window as root user by typing.# startx. Open NVIDIA configuration wizard and set the Resolution, manually, and at last click on ! Your installation and configuration of NVIDIA Graphics Driver is complete.

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