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Oiligarchy Download Free

Soccer Physics - Unblocked Games.

Friv 6 Games - Play Friv6 Online Games, Kizi Friv 2 Game Friv 3 Friv 4 online. Oiligarchy : Delicious, profitable, stinky oil! Let's get stupid rich, huh? Trash the environment, bribe the politicians and squish the little peoples. Here you can play a ton of fun unblocked games! Great for school, and can never be blocked. Official Learn4Good Site: Oil drilling game online, free tycoon games,no download. Oiligarchy is an awesome business magnate simulation game and entrepreneurial.

Have fun learning Chemistry through games. ALCHEMY – Keep dropping the flask, to get more points. Play with colorful round bottom flasks. ELEMENTS MATCHING GAMES – Find the right chemical elements to match the descriptions.

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You can also read up on the properties of each group as they come by to learn more about them. OIL TRADE GAME – In this oil management game you have to build oil refineries across the world and make a profit. If you answer the questions about oil production correctly you get a discount on various production costs. OILIGARCHY – Find oil and plant oil drilling installations all over the world. Keep up with market demand, throw money at the elections to scew them and buy your way into the White House. Act ruthlessly to become the most powerful Oiligarch.

But I can only show you the door. YOU'RE the one who has to walk through it.' Morpheus to Neo in 'The Matrix'.

DOCTOR TICKLE – This game is a lot like Dr Mario. More and more different Trickles come falling down faster and faster. Sort them by fours or more of the same colour to keep them under control. CRAZY- GRAVITATION – The objective of this game is to grab as many nano- particles as you can. When the time is almost up you must hurry to the exit or your gear will ignite and self- destruct. PERIODIC TABLE LEVEL FIVE – Are you good at chemistry?

Put your knowledge of the periodic table of elements to the test in this online game. Find the right element to match the given atomic mass. Can you get them all right? CHEMISTRY ARKANOID – Bounce the ball back with the paddle in this simple arkanoid game with a chemistry theme. The objective is to break all of the test tubes with the ball. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY – Games about hydrocarbons, halogenated, halogen ethers, carboxylic acid, ethers.

CHEMISTRY LAB ESCAPE – You are trapped in a chemical lab. You have to use the available clues to escape from here. Finding the way out will really test your ingenuity.

Best Luck. FLUIX GAME – You have to mix several fluids to meet a given fluid by color and quantity. After a short tutorial it’s going to be challenging and harder.

ELEMENTRIS GAME – A simple puzzle game where you build larger and larger molecules out of component atoms. And you might learn a bit about organic chemistry in the process, as recognized molecules are described.

MOLAR WHACK GAME – Chemistry- themed whack- a- mole! How much mass can you accumulate in 3. Gotta whack ’em all! CHEMISTRY QUIZ GAME – A fun Chemistry quiz.

How well do you know science? Are you the next Einstein? Show off your knowledge and post your score on the leaderboards when you complete the quiz. How high can you get!? CHEMISTRY & SOCCER – Penalty shoot out games.

Answer chemistry question and play soccer simultaneously. Your mission is creating the biggest nuclear reaction never seen before. Good one to remember periodic elements symbol. MASTERMIND THE MOLECULE – Design molecules that will be efficient enough to kill viruses. Excellent game to improve your knowledge on drug design.

Courtesy: RSCDESIGN STUDIO – Design potential new medicine to treat diseases. Apply your knowledge of chemistry, design molecule and test. Courtesy: RSCSYNTHESIS EXPLORER – Learn organic synthesis through explorer. Read instructions and tips to know, how it works. Learn synthesis in playful way. OIL STRIKE GAME – Answer basic chemistry questions, gain money and make oil trade.

SPECTRAL GAME – Each round you’ll be presented with a new spectrum. You have to select the molecule that matches the spectrum. For each molecule you identify correctly you’ll get one point.

The game continues until you get one wrong. Enter your name, choose a group (optional), select the type of spectrum you want and click play. CHEM TILES GAME – Each round you’ll be presented with a new set of tiles relating to a chemistry concept but only one of the diagrams represents correct chemistry. You have to select the correct tile. For each tile you identify correctly you’ll get one point.

The game continues until you get one wrong. Enter your name, choose a group (optional), select the type of diagram you want and click play. ATTACK OF BROMIDES – Shoot organic bromides with a powerful nucleophile to make them go away! CHEMMICAL ATTACK – Defend your glucose molecule from chemical attacks! Place the chemical substances at your disposition as prudently as you can and shoot all your opponents into oblivion! Get back to us: www.

Bookmark our page (ctrl+D)/Google Happy Chemist promoting chemistry You can help us by sending links of any site, that might be of help to students. Send us the link using the form below. To play the games and view the molecules, your browser needs to have Javascript enabled and installed. Enjoy!! Happy Chemist . Please let us know about existing external links which you believe are inappropriate or violates law and about specific additional external links which you believe ought to be included. We are not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any link contained in a linked site or any changes or updates to such sites.