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I've had great experiences using Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro for editing video clips, and thus thought, hell, I'll download Audition. Sad thing is though, it's just a 7 day trial unless you put some money upfront (more on that later). So, I used it, and I loved it. Very intuitive, very useful, just overall a really good product. But 7 days went by, and as anyone who's worked on a film knows, 7 days is nowhere near enough to finish post- production of a project.

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Luckily, I remembered there was a program named Audacity - so I googled it and downloaded it from this very page. Anyway, I thought Audacity very well for something as simple as sorting my audio files, at least. And yes, it would be, if certain features of the program wasn't complete bullcrap, like, whenever you wanna move the time- stamp and accidentally think you can drag it instead of just clicking where you want it, you'll create a loop, and frustratingly audio will only play within that loop. Which frustrated me quite a few times when trying to pinpoint a source of noise in an audio clip. Secondly, the fact that you have nowhere near any idea the d. B of your current clip frustrates the hell outta me - or maybe you do, but then that information is very well hidden away.

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Pinpoint X Download

Also the fact that whenever you hit space, the usual pause- button in almost every frigging editing program, instead of pausing your clip, it stops it, is one of the worst pieces of bullcrap of a feature I've ever seen. It's like they try to actively frustrate you. Even though the file hasn't changed name, and Audacity even has access to the frigging folder already - something, I might add, doesn't happen in Audition. My screen was one big mess of audacity colored antsy messy- wessy. Oh, and not to mention that it looked very frigging barebones when it comes to actually editing audio. After my little flirt with Audition, followed by a very rocky relationship with Audacity, I have to agree. So if you made it this far down in my review, for which I'd like to say thank you very much, I'm honored that you wanna listen to my rambling, don't download this bullcrap.

Instead, and I can't believe I'm saying this, put down those frigging 2. Audition. Heck, crack it even if you know how to (not that I recommend that sort of thing, but who am I to judge?) - just, for heaven's frigging sake, don't download this bullcrap.

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