Pump Manual Transmission Fluid In

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Manual transmission fluid? Adobe Illustrator Cc Tryout Serial.

Although I have seen a few manual transmission/rear diff DIY's here I haven't seen one with many pictures. I have just changed out my manual transmission fluid and my clutch fluid on my 2. G3. 5 6. MT. My car just hit 3. The transmission fluid change was VERY simple, the clutch fluid required the help of my 1. Here's what I used for the manual transmission change: 4 quarts of Redline MT- 9. Manual Transmission Fluid ($1. MT drain/fill plug crush washers from the Nissan Dealership (they are cheaper than the Infiniti dealership for some reason).

Most do not think of this as routine upkeep. The truth is its always good to change your transmission fluid for your manual transmission often. It is important that you purchase the correct type of transmission fluid for your make/model of vehicle. There are a myriad of options out there, and the fluid of. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. BLOG ARTICLE: http:// PARTS LIST: All of the items shown in. One of the easiest tasks to perform on your MINI is to change the transmission fluid. It's very important to make sure that the fluid in your transmission is at the.

DIY drain and refill manual transmission gear oil for Jetta, New beetle, Golf (4th generation cars and similar Audi) This article shows how to change your manual. I picked up some mobile 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75w90, 2 quarts, to drain, flush n change my manual transmission on my 02 LX 5spd. I read on here that most people.

Fluid pump from any auto parts store (mine was . Get everything layed out,Jack the car up and put on jack standsget your drop light and 1. The fill plug is the upper plug and is located on the passenger side of the transmission.

Pump Manual Transmission Fluid In

The reason to remove this first is you will be in trouble if you remove the drain plug and the fill plug is siezed for some reason. Fill plug is actually removed in this pic, it's near the top of the 0. I sprayed both plugs with PB Blaster prior to removal. Now with the fill plug removed you can remove the drain plug.

Place your drain pan underneath and remove the drain plug. Remove the old crush washers, a small flathead screwdriver sometimes helps. Put new crush washers on. Put the drain plug back in. Torque specs are in the service manual.. I'll update the post later with the correct torque specs. Fill your fluid pump with the new tranny fluid and begin pumping into the fill plug.

I had to repeat this process 8 times. Do this until the new fluid starts spilling out of the fill plug. Put the fill plug back in and torque to spec. I used a Motive pressure pot to aid in this. However, the cap of the pot kept popping off my clutch fluid reservoir.. WARNING: I think we all should know this by now, but if you don't.. DO NOT GET BRAKE FLUID ON YOUR PAINT!!!

Simply fill the pot with brake fluid, attach cap to clutch fluid reservoir, pump the pot to 8- 1. Here's a few pics. The bleeder valve is on the drivers side of the transmission, just between the catalytic converter brace and the crossmember. It's much easier to see if you remove the rear underbody cover (five 1.

Here's the Motive pressure pot. Old clutch fluid in reservoir. After bleeding (sorry, no in- process pics of this. That's about it. Pick everything up and take the car for a drive now!