Repair Manual For 1996 Pontiac Bonneville Owners

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Kill Your Darlings: The Birth and Death of the Pontiac Fiero. Launched in 1. 98. Pontiac Fiero promised to be a good- looking, affordable mid- engine sports car introducing exciting new techniques in production and design. Alas, it became one of GM’s great disasters: overweight and underpowered, tarnished by alarming reports of reliability problems and engine fires. By 1. 98. 8, more power, better looks, and a $3. Fiero closer to its original promise — just in time for the corporation to bring down the ax.

This week, we look at the origins and history of the Fiero and the reasons for its sad fate. WAIL OF THE BANSHEEThere was a discussion on The Truth About Cars recently about why General Motors always seems to kill its most interesting models just after it finally gets them right. The pattern is familiar: The company rolls out a new, exciting product to great fanfare, only to have said product turn out to be seriously flawed. After the company finally fixes most or all of the flaws, it decides to cancel the product anyway, leaving aggrieved fans and puzzled observers scratching their heads. There are many examples of this sad tendency, notably including the Chevrolet Corvair and Cadillac Allant.

The idea of a cheap, plastic- bodied Pontiac sports car goes back 2. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 20 Free Download For Mac read more. XP- 8. 33, later known as the Pontiac Banshee. The Banshee was the brainchild of E. M. De. Lorean, then the division’s chief engineer.

Both Estes and De. Lorean had joined Pontiac back in 1.

Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen. They had spent the ensuing eight years reinventing Pontiac as GM’s excitement division with considerable success. By 1. 96. 4, however, they were faced with a dilemma. Although Pontiac had some fast, good- looking products, particularly the GTO, even its sportiest models were big, five- and six- passenger cars. Pontiac had nothing resembling Chevrolet’s Corvette Sting Ray or, more significantly, the new Ford Mustang. The Mustang was then beginning a concerted assault on the youth market that Pontiac had so assiduously cultivated and represented a serious threat.

In response, De. Lorean ordered Bill Collins, then assistant chief engineer for chassis engineering, to develop a compact sports car as a potential Mustang rival. To keep costs down, it was to use a fiberglass body and share about 8. Pontiac models. The resultant XP- 8. Banshee looked something like a scaled- down Corvette or the later Opel GT, an aggressive little two- seater powered by Pontiac’s new overhead- cam six.

The Banshee was intended to have a reasonable starting price of around $2,5. V8 Mustang. Although De. Lorean and Estes made a strong case for producing the Banshee, GM’s senior management, which had to approve all new models, said no. The corporation’s leadership had little enthusiasm for sporty cars and even less for two- seaters, which they thought too limited in appeal to justify the investment. Even the Corvette, then was selling better than ever, was a distinctly marginal item as far as the corporation was concerned.

GM leadership had no interest in building another plastic- bodied sports car, which they assumed — probably not unreasonably — would only cannibalize sales of the more expensive Sting Ray. The Banshee project ultimately came to nothing.

Estes was promoted to run Chevrolet and De. Lorean, who succeeded Estes as head of Pontiac, had to content himself with the midsize GTO and the F- body Firebird, based on Chevrolet’s new Camaro.

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By early 1. 96. 9, De. Lorean had followed Estes and Knudsen to Chevrolet and the image they built for Pontiac began to wither. As we discussed in our recent article on the GTO, Knudsen, Estes, and De. Lorean’s willingness to play fast and loose with GM’s conservative corporate policy was the root of Pontiac’s success in the sixties. By contrast, their successors, Jim Mc. Donald and Martin Caserio, were more concerned with cost controls, internal politics, and complying with new federal regulations. Alex Mair, who replaced Caserio in October 1.

Repair Manual For 1996 Pontiac Bonneville Owners

Can Am, but most were not successful. Pontiac quickly slipped back toward its pre- Knudsen obscurity. THE COMMUTER SPORTS CARIn 1. Pontiac’s Advanced Engineering group, headed by Turkish- born Hulki Aldikacti, again proposed an inexpensive plastic- bodied sports car, analogous to the long- defunct Banshee concept.

The proposal added a new wrinkle: a mid- engine drivetrain, something that was becoming virtually de rigueur for serious sports cars. New general manager Robert Stempel and chief engineer Robert Dorn, an ex- racer, both liked the idea, but they were not confident about its prospects. The corporation had previously rejected proposals for a mid- engine Corvette and with ever- increasing federal emissions and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, new sports cars were not on the menu.

Bob Dorn pointed out, however, that if the two- seater could be built cheaply with a fuel- efficient four- cylinder engine, it could help Pontiac meet its CAFE targets.

The Pontiac Bonneville is a legendary vehicle that was in production for about 45 years. The first Pontiac Bonneville was rolled off the assembly line in 1957. I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. In July 2005 my car was taken to Ed Schmidt Pontiac dealership in Perrysburg, Ohio for a lower intake gasket repair. Pontiac Sunfire PDF Manuals online Download Links page are intended for Pontiac Sunfire Owners who want to work on their own vehicles with available Factory Bullen.

Repair Manual For 1996 Pontiac Bonneville Owners

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