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Mid East Racing. It is officially Fall ya'll!!! The line that was taken  did not result in a person cheating or cutting the track because it had been marked when they walked it.

Transformers: Scramble City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fight! Super Robot Life- Form Transformers: Scramble City Activation(! It was created as a promotional video for the new line of 'Scramble City' toys and the cassettes were paired with the toy sets. Despite strong belief (such as that voiced on the 2.

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Anniversary DVD bonus commentary for the episode), it was not meant to introduce Japanese audiences to the new characters from The Transformers: The Movie (considering Ultra Magnus and Ratbat are the only ones from the film that appear in it). Chronologically, it takes place years before the movie during the early stages of construction on Autobot City. When the Decepticons learn of this, their combiner robots are deployed to attack, and a battle between them and their Autobot counterparts ensues, focusing on their .

At the OVA's conclusion, Scramble City is activated and assumes its robot mode of Metroplex to rout the Decepticons. However, from the ocean depths, the Decepticons' own city, Trypticon, rises. This cliffhanger was never resolved as no direct sequel was ever produced. An extended commercial, called Scramble City Toys but often mistakenly identified as Scramble City 2, was released, but rather than wrap up the cliffhanger, it retold the OVA through stop- motion animation of the toys themselves, with one addition - the introduction of Galvatron, erroneously presented as one of Megatron's troops, rather than the recreated Decepticon leader himself. Scramble City is part of the Japanese continuity, but not the American. Scramble City Toys is not part of either, and is simply a toy advert.

For Scramble City the first seven minutes or so of the episode consists of recycled animation sequences from the G1 episodes . The post- ending sequence consists of more stock footage taken from the previously mentioned episodes with music and Japanese titles. However, the video source for the episode was taken from a piratefansubbed copy, complete with misspelled hard subtitles and a crop all around the picture. Additionally, a poor standards conversion from NTSC to PAL resulted in a green tint on the picture - making it look worse than the pirate copies in distribution.

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Enter your own words in the form to easily make your own custom word scrambles. 100% free and no registration required. A quick and easy egg scramble featuring ham, cheese and vegetables. Scramble With Friends Cheat tool will find every possible word and sort by score or length. Anagrammer Scramble with Friends Cheat has dictionary definitions and. Tofu Breakfast Scramble. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 cup onion, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 2 cups diced vegetables (I. Want to improve your Scramble With Friends Score? Follow these 12 strategies to help you out! 1) Spell out words with your finger while moving quickly! Scrabble word finder and anagram cheat solver with scores, values and definitions; our cheat helper finds solutions to be used on scrabble, words with friends, and.