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Wersja z napisami: http:// We wczesnych latach Republiki, Chiny pogr Ver Shaolin Soccer Online HD / Siu lam juk kau (2001) - Pel Directed by Stephen Chow. With Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Yat-Fei Wong, Man-Tat Ng. A young Shaolin follower reunites with his discouraged brothers to form a soccer team.

PES 2011 Demofree full download. The demo enables fans to play against the computer or offline multi-player matches with a choice of four clubs: either. After ambushing and killing his rival, losing everything in the process, dispirited warlord Hou Jie turns to a Shaolin monastery seeking salvation.

Shaolin Download 2011

My hope is that this unique corpus will be helpful for a broad range of researchers. I’m fairly sure this is the largest collection of syllabi ever gathered, probably by several orders of magnitude. I created the Syllabus Finder in 2. Google released their first API to access their search engine. The initial API included the ability to grab cached HTML from millions of web pages, which I realized could then be scanned using high- relevancy keywords to identify pages that were most likely syllabi. In addition to my lousy PHP code that got it up and running, the brilliant Simon Kornblith wrote some additional code to make it work well. The result was a tool that was quite popular (1.

Google deprecated their original API in 2. I consider to be) a less useful API.

Survey Courses.” For that article I used regular expressions to pull book titles out of a thousand American history surveys to see how textbooks and other works are used by instructors. Some hidden elements emerged. I’m excited to see what creative ideas other scholars and researchers come up with for this large database. Some important clarifications and caveats: 1) I’m providing this archive in the same spirit (and under same regulations) that the Internet Archive provides web corpora (indeed, this corpus could probably be recreated from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, albeit after a lot of work). To the best of my knowledge, and because of the way they were obtained, all of the documents this database contains were posted on the open web, and were cached (or not) respecting open- web standards such as robots. It does not contain any syllabi that were posted in private places, such as gated Blackboard installations.

Indeed, I suspect that most of these syllabi come from universities where it is expected that professors post syllabi in an open fashion (as is the case here at Mason), or from professors like me who believe that openness is good for scholarship and teaching. But as with the Internet Archive, if you are the creator of a syllabus and really can’t sleep unless it is purged from this research database, contact me. This database is provided as is and without support.

I get enough email and unfortunately cannot answer questions. If you are appreciative, you can make a tax- free donation to the Center for History and New Media, for which you will receive a hug from me. The database is intended for non- commercial use of the type seen in my JAH article. The database is an SQL dump consisting of 1. The columns are syllabi. ID (the Syllabus Finder’s unique identifier), url (web address of the syllabus at the time it was found), title (of the web page the syllabus was on), date.

The database is 8. MB uncompressed. The corpus is heavily U. S.- centric because web pages were matched to English- language words, and for a time the Syllabus Finder only took pages from . URLs). 4) Because the Syllabus Finder was completely automated, some percentage of the 1. Most often these incorrect matches are associated course documents such as assignments, which are interesting in their own right. But some are oddball documents that just looked like syllabi to the algorithms.

I have made no attempt to weed them out. If you understand all of this clearly, then here’s a million syllabi for you: CHNM Syllabus Finder Corpus, Version 1. March 2. 01. 1) (2. MB download, zipped SQL file)UPDATE 1 (1. Matt Burton has helpfully provided a torrent for this file.

If you can, please use it instead of the direct download. UPDATE 2 (9pm 3/3. Unfortunately I should have checked the exported database before posting.

Version 1. 0 does indeed have the URLs, titles, and dates of about 1. HTML caches of those syllabi. I am working to recreate the full database, which will be much larger and more useful.

Shaolin (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaolin (also known as The New Shaolin Temple) is a 2.

Hong Kong- Chinese. Huo Long flees to Shaolin Temple to hide, but Hou Jie appears and shoots him after tricking him out of his treasure map.

Hou Jie ridicules the Shaolin monks before leaving. Feeling that his sworn brother, Song Hu, is taking advantage of him, Hou sets a trap for Song in a restaurant under the guise of agreeing to his daughter's engagement to Song's son.

Meanwhile, Hou's deputy, Cao Man, ambitious and feeling used by Hou, has decided to betray him. During the dinner, Song states his intention to retire and cede everything to Hou but is then secretly warned Hou means to kill him. In rage and embarrassment, Hou fatally wounds Song.

Both families are then attacked by Cao's assassins. Despite being shot by Hou, Song saves him with a warning, allowing him to escape, and then dies.

While fleeing, Hou's wife and daughter are separated. Hou's wife is rescued by some passing- by Shaolin monks who were stealing rice from the military granary to help refugees living at the temple. Hou escapes with his daughter, but she is severely injured by the assassins' carriage.

After a chase by the assassin carriages, Hou and his daughter fall off a cliff. In desperation, he brings her to Shaolin, begging the monks to save her life. It is too late, and she dies of her injuries. Hou's wife blames him for the death of their daughter and leaves him.

Hou attacks the monks in anger but is quickly subdued. He wanders in shock near Shaolin until he meets the monk cook Wudao, who provides him food and shelter, after many days being stranded under a pit. Hou feels guilty for his past misdeeds and decides to become a monk and atone for his sins. Initially,in his stay,some monks is still angry at him,but he decides to stay. During his stay in Shaolin, he gradually learns Shaolin's principles through study and martial arts, reforms, and finds peace and enlightenment.

From the refugees, Hou discovers Cao had recruited male refugees to build a railway - - a concession he opposed when he was still a warlord - - and the workers have disappeared. Hou discovers that Cao has been unearthing antique relics on pretext of building a railway and having the refugees massacred afterwards to silence them. He intimidates the guards burying recent victims,then loads the corpses in a cart and drag it to the temple gate,where villagers and refugees identify their missing loved ones. After Cao is informed Hou is still alive, he leads his soldiers to the temple to capture him. Hou volunteers to go with Cao so he can distract him while the monks break into Cao's house to save the imprisoned labourers. Hou is reunited with his wife and escapes with her when rescue plan succeeds. Hou's senior, Jingneng, is brutally killed by Cao while covering for his juniors to escape.

Upon returning to Shaolin Temple, the monks decide that they need to evacuate in order to avoid further trouble. Wudao leads the refugees away while Hou and the other monks remain behind to defend the temple and buy time. Cao arrives with his troops and attacks Shaolin. At the same time, the foreigners find they have been cheated and decide to silence Cao and the entire Shaolin community.

They bombard Shaolin with artillery, killing many of the monks and Cao's forces. Hou defeats Cao in a fight but eventually sacrifices himself to save Cao from being crushed by a falling beam. He falls into the Buddha statue's palm and dies peacefully, leaving Cao feeling guilty. The surviving monks overcome the foreigners and stop the bombardment. Meanwhile, the refugees, fleeing on a mountainside, cry as they look down at the temple in ruins. Wudao tells them the Shaolin spirit will continue to live in them even though the temple has been destroyed. Before the evacuation of the temple, Hou had met his wife for the last time.

Repenting for his past, he gave the urn containing his daughter's cremated ashes to his wife. She forgave him for his past and accepted the fact she could no longer be with him, even though she prefers his present self to the old one. Hou refused to leave Shaolin and stayed behind to defend it and cover the refugees' escape. Admitting that Cao's present evil doings stems from his own past misdeeds, Hou stated it was solely his responsibility to guide Cao to the correct path. Andy Lau as Hou Jie, a warlord.

Nicholas Tse as Cao Man, Hou Jie's second- in- command. Jackie Chan as Wudao, the Shaolin cook monk. Fan Bingbing as Yan Xi, Hou Jie's wife.

Wu Jing as Jingneng, Hou Jie's oldest senior. Xing Yu as Jingkong, Hou Jie's second senior. Michelle Bai as Tian'er, a singer. Qpr Asphalt Crack Sealer. Yu Hai as the Shaolin abbot. Yu Shaoqun as Jinghai, Hou Jie's third senior and a friend of Jingkong.

Xiaoliuna as Hou Shengnan, Hou Jie's daughter. Shi Xiaohong as Song Hu, Hou Jie's sworn brother.

Hung Yan- yan as Suoxiangtu, a martial arts expert working for Cao Man. Chen Zhihui as Huo Long, a rival warlord. Liang Jingke as Song Hu's wife.