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Software Logos Quiz

Ihr spielt das Spiel Logo Quiz des Entwicklers Bubble Quiz Games auf eurem Mobilfunkger Download Free Quiz Maker and start creating interactive Flash quizzes and surveys using 23 different question types, and publish created tests for Web, LMS or. Identify which type or types of rhetoric are being used in each advertisement. Download De Adobe Flash Player on this page. Logos Quiz free download, 100% safe and virus free download from Softonic. Logos Quiz free download, download Logos Quiz 4.6 for free.

Download Free Quiz Maker. There are no functional limitations of trial version. The only limitation for i. Spring trial version is a transparentwatermark that appears on the top of your presentation. As soon as you. purchase an Free Quiz.

Maker license,the watermark will no longer be displayed.

If you love playing games on your i. Phone, i. Pad or i. Pod touch then you must try out Logos Quiz Game. Logos Quiz Game is quiz game that is full of fun and all you have to do is guess the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. To achieve this you have a lot of clues which you can use to help you complete the game.

Logos Quiz Level 3 Answers: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Find All Logos Quiz Answers here. Please scroll down to see hints for each logo.

Software Logos Quiz

You can also ask your friends if you don’t know the answer or challenge them to see who know more logos. Logos Quiz Game features more than 5. If after using all the hints, you still don’t know the answer, you can always ask your friends through Twitter or Facebook, and complete the missing ones with them! Logos Quiz Game for i.

Phone and i. Pad allows you to create different profiles in the game and you can instant- resolve a question using the stars! Logos Quiz Answers Level 1 – Part 1. Logos Quiz Answers Level 1 – Part 2. Logos Quiz Game Level 1 Answers. Pringles. Flickr. Amazon. MTVMc. Donalds. Nescafe. Barbie. BMWL’Oreal.

Twitter. Pizza Hut. Nike. Quiksilver. Kelloggs. Levis. Ebay. Samsung. Burger King. Microsoft. Skype.

Blockbuster. Intel. IBMCalvin Klein. Michelin. Starbucks. Volkswagen. Citroen. Reebok. Redbull. Nissan. Canon. Louis Vuitton. HPBlack circle with smaller circle inside that filled with two colors, white and blue (BMW)Blue line that form a circle and two orange shapes that form half circle (Burger.

King)Blue square with . One circle and other two. They form a big square (Dominos). Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – Part 1. Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – Part 2.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – Part 3. Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – Part 4. Logos Quiz Level 3 Answers. Dove. Greenpeace. Chrysler. United Nations. Amtrak. Converse. Dominos. Maserati.

Fed. Ex. Speedo. Accenture. Opel. Tesco. John Deere. Warner Brothers. Oracle. Nestle. Post It. FBIFujitsu. Budweiser. Baidu.

Fila. Firestone. Firefox. Chupa Chups. Guinness. New Balance. Dunkin Donuts.

Philips. Shell. Unesco. Evian. Ducati. Nascar. Champion. HBOTHQAOLTimberland. Garmin. Jack Daniels. Moutain Dew. Pfizer.

Daewoo. Netflix. Blizzard. United Colors of Benetton.

Taco Bell. EAOmega. Knorr. Pirelli. Visa.

CNNAmerican Eagle. Napster. Sesame Street. Land Rover. Puma. Lays. Virgin. Hot Wheels. Yamaha. WWFTelefonica. Rossignol. Carhartt.

Nvidia. Chevron. National Geographic. Qualcomm. Marlboro. KIAMINIVolvo. Green background with wavy frame with yellow and green color and wide white in the center (KNORR)Circle symbol of tree with brown color without leaves (TIMBERLAND)Silver circle frame and letter . A black border line with a bat in it (BACARDI)Four arrows lost its tips that point at one point (ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND)A blue rectangle with a red line under it (SKF)A green rectangle with a red line under it and a white wing in it (CATHAY PACIFIC)Two orange square with a white cross sign on one of it (SWISS)A red square with silver border line and two silver curvy lines like an orbital line (SATURN)A grey square border line with two red double . There is for square that filled with a lion.

Each rectangular shape will have one white circle on it. It will look like a white curvy shape on a black shape.