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Save 5. 0% on The Amazing Spider- Man 2. Lets start with the good bits. You can swing from buildings. Now, the bad. If you have seen the film this game simply confuses you.

You basically get given an entire different story to the film that seems like it was written with less thought and less time than this review. That was the main reason for my 2.

I enjoyed the combat system from the first game as the developers actually tried to make different animations for the attacks and counter attacks, this time around it just seemed sloppy and lazily thought out. The upgrade system is easily the worst i've encountered in the last 1. You got given abilities and then had to spend . You got given about 6 or 7 abilites with 4 upgrades for each one and they're not even that great an upgrade, it's quite easy to go through the game ignoring the combat upgrades as the only useful ones were the travelling slingshot upgrade that took about 5 seconds to execute and within that 5 seconds you could of travelled further anyway.

This game seemed to reduce my enjoyment. That slingshot was the only enjoyable thing about it and even that got boring after using it twice. Spiderman also gave out a snide comment when he had nowhere to swing despite a building being right next to him, this just made me angry as it just seemed like another uncompleted feature of the game. Continuing on from trying to impress the fans is the inclusion of a few great comic book villains, such as; Shocker, Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, Kingpin, and the most impressive, Carnage.

Spiderman Amazing 2 Game Download

The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme, free and safe download. The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme latest version: This theme will get your Spidey senses tingling. Download The Amazing Spider Man Full PC Game Free The Amazing Spider Man Full PC Download Free Game The Amazing Spider Man Download Full PC Game. Free The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Download at Share-Games! This is the best game and better. Download and Play The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game! If you want, go back to the origins of the game with the prequel: The Amazing Spider Man.

Every boss fight was basically the same. Every boss had some sort of difference, but they all seemed so last minute. Your first boss is the shocker from there you obtain his . Online Games Like The Sims 4 here. It took 4 seconds to charge up just to knock them down, when the enemies are down you have to wait for them to get up to attack. It was like being a superhero suffering from ADD and he just seemed to forget that he could of webbed a guy to the floor.

Swing as Spidey through the streets of New York. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

How to unlock all The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game costumes? That question will be answered in this The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game costumes guide that shows. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an open world, action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, and is a sequel to 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man.

This upgrade is not needed and was just another way to make fan boys . As great as it was to see cletus kasady, he seemed tame. He seemed less crazy than the 1. The carnage symbiote is meant to amplify everything about a person hence making kasady even more dangerous. There was no difference in his behaviour.

It was as if someone just hit a distortion switch but there was no tonal difference. This game spits in the face of a spiderman fan and twists and distorts spiderman enemies into simple weakling incapable of landing one punch on the webhead. I don't recommend this game and makes me think twice about preordering the next one from now on.

The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC Download. Categories: PC . Beenox are the developers who also created the previous titles in the series. Activision published all these titles as they did with this one. Along with old consoles the newer consoles received this title as well as the mobile platforms like i.

OS and Android. Following link gives full version of The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC download for free. Use This Link for Downloading. As before you are set to explore the open world of Manhattan and this time around the setting is bigger, better and infinitely better looking than any of the previous versions. Also with this are some new upgrades to the combat styles. Tutorial:  Amazing Spider- Man 2 Game Download, Install and Play Different kinds of webs that you can unleash on your enemies are also on- board. So go ahead and get The Amazing Spider- Man 2 free download for PC before reading any further and start playing. Use the following link to get the PC game.

If you are interested to know how to or where to download The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC game free then read this paragraph as it will explain everything. Click on any one of the links you see on this page and you will be taken to a page with plenty of link which will give you the full version of this game. But you need to first use j. Downloader if you are interested in using the direct links to get The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC download.

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Downloader automatically grabs the links as soon as you copy them, in case it doesn’t you will need to use the above given step to add it manually. Once you have the links just hit the start button to start downloading.

After you finish it, go ahead and extract the parts using Win. RAR to get an ISO file which is the exact copy of the DVD sold in stores.

So you will have The Amazing Spider- Man 2 free download for PC as soon as you get to the ISO. Then all you need to do is mount the ISO in daemon tools lite to save some money on burning it on DVDs.

A virtual DVD drive will appear with the DVD of this game and then install it and follow the rest of the instructions given at the bottom of this post in comments section. The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC Download. If you are interested in playing titles similar to this then look at the first Batman Arkham Asylum that we have here for everyone. If you are a fan of the superhero then you should definitely like this very much but if you are any kind of a series gamer then this is not your cup of tea, stay away from it or you will die of boredom. Children’s special superhero will most likely be hailed by the younger ones. So if you have any young ones then you should definitely get The Amazing Spiderman 2 PC download that we are giving on this page for free in the full version form.

If you think it’s worth purchasing then definitely buy it to support the developers. You cannot go on thinking that this is a next gen title as it has been made available on the next gen platforms like the XBOX One and the PS4 but it’s not. It lacks all the things a next gen title should have. The city for the most part looks without life bustling through it as in real life. The polish needed to make this a better looking version is absent altogether.

So get The Amazing Spiderman 2 free download for PC only if you want to gift it to your children who don’t care how it plays. This is not worth playing for any normal player other than the younger ones. We were hoping for a better version in this series as we got in Batman series with Batman Arkham City but this hope vanished as soon as we started to play. There are some good things though, like the boss fights which are greatly enjoyable.

The representation of Spiderman has been done very well in this new version compared to the predecessors. But most of the other things are childish or gone horrible wrong. The developers instead of making the series better like the Batman series are going backwards. If you are still interested in getting the full version of The Amazing Spider- Man 2 PC download for free then use the following link or the one given above.