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Making Skins. Making a Boat Skin for VSK5. Skin Files. The boats that come with VSK 5 have their colour scheme created by skin files. These are hull. dds, sails. Team. Mate. dds, and icon. This downoad is for an installer which will place the plug- in  in the correct place. For me this is C: \Program Files (x.

Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug- ins\File Formats. Templates. To make a skin, you should start by getting a template for the boat model (eg Acc). These are files with the parts of the design on seperate layers, which means it is easy to select part of the image to change. A template has several layers - you can add more of your own and delete layers which you dont need (or just make them invisible).

  • General Concept and Format. Major League Sailing (MLS) is a team event where several teams race against each other at the same time under Fleet Race Rules.
  • Making a Boat Skin for VSK5. The boats that come with VSK 5 have their colour scheme created by skin files. The original Nadeo Acc Boat skins kept are in.
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