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Download PC & Mac Chess Programs to Analyse & Play. SSDF rating group report HIARCS 1. Deep HIARCS 1. 4 defeated Deep Fritz 1. Deep Rybka 4 2. 4.

World Free Pc Games Download For Xp

Deep HIARCS 1. 4. Deep HIARCS Chess Explorer on PC and on Apple Mac.

HIARCS 1. 3. 1 on Pocket PC the highest rated PDA chess program in history with 2. Elo on the. official SSDF rating list. Visit our Pocket Chess HIARCS page.

For over 1. 5 years some of the best chess players in. World Champions have been using HIARCS to prepare, analyse and play against. HIARCS is. the result of 2. Mark Uniacke and was the. PC chess program in history to win a match with an.

International Master (1. Super GM. In 2. 00. HIARCS. on a Palm PDA became the first. GM in a match. and in 2. GM/IM tournament! This is a performance of 2.

World Free Pc Games Download For Xp

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  4. About Download Free Games. Recommended by PC World Magazine (August 2004), The Miami Herald Online (Sept. 25, 2004), and Downhome Magazine (2005.
  5. HIARCS Mac Chess Explorer is a software download product. It is a complete chess application with world class Graphical User Interface, chess engines and chess.

Elo which is the best ever chess. PDA in a Grandmaster tournament in.

Meanwhile its big brother HIARCS on PC and Mac. World Computer. Chess Championship in Beijing, China, Oct 2. In August 2. 00. 9, our Pocket PC. The essence of Hiarcs style, if we still. Hiarcs kills you as a guy jumping on you with a sword would do.

No. matter how good your position seems to be, how solid and ultra defensive, Hiarcs. It is. exhilarating to play it, more, lot more than with any other strong program. It. is a real pleasure to be defeated that way. Fast, lightning, unexpected death. In 1. 99. 7, during his rematch with.

Deep Blue, Gary Kasparov had this to say about HIARCS: . It has. the distinction of improving the most per version over the course of it's. You simply do. not see you are already dead.. HIARCS 1. 2 is even more dangerous, more vicious.

I am good enough not to fall in tactical mistakes, but Hiarcs. Just a microscopic, a marginal.

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