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XRay Mod For Minecraft 1. See through all kind of blocks by using this mod. It enables you to find the important blocks much faster. The XRay mod for Minecraft allows you to see through blocks. This allows you to determine where precious minerals are, to find where cave networks are located, and to eliminate some of the tedious game play involved with Minecraft. You’ve probably read every tip on the internet that tells you roughly how far down in the world that each mineral appears, but you still have a hard time finding them.

Xray Mod Minecraft Forums 1.5.2

Download and install XRay Mod (Fly) for minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4 - Minecraft was developed around a set of modest, ideas that were smart in. Minecraft++, ZooCraftia, Team Fortress 2 Mod, Guardsman Mods, NEW LOCATION HERE. Minecraft Forge Forums - Info Center.

XRay Mod (with fly) is a modification for Minecraft 1.7.9 which enables X-Ray vision in your world seed. It enhances your mining experience by a great margin and. This mod adds X-Ray vision to minecraft, find ores with ease now. Features: XRay Redstone finder Coordinates display Fullbright Fly Compatible. How To Install Xray Mod For Minecraft 1.7.4 (Download) TestedModz. Minecraft Mod - X-RAY MOD! X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4 - XRay Mod 1.9.4 is a mod that lets you convert all blocks (which is not ore) in transparent blocks.

If you have a mod that makes blocks share spawns with other blocks, such as Industrial Craft 2, then you’ll find that it’s even harder to find the things you need to mine. Instead of finding iron, you’ll end up with a load of tin, copper and uranium. This doesn’t bode well if you need iron, one of the most used resources in the entire game, for your projects. Now imagine that you could skip the guesswork and find the blocks you actually needed to finish your masterpiece. Wwe 12 Game Free Download For Pc Full Version Softonic on this page.

That’s exactly what the XRay mod for Minecraft allows you to do. You can press one hotkey to instantly enable or disable the ability to see through solid blocks.

Xray Mod Minecraft Forums 1.7.4

Xray Mod Minecraft Forums 1.7.2

If you’re within viewing range of the blocks, you can see where whatever block is. The XRay mod for Minecraft gives you the ability to spot any block of your choosing, even if it is surrounded by a material like stone. In other words, you can pinpoint where diamond, iron ore, gold ore and redstone are with minimal effort and wasted time.

XRay also allows you to avoid accidentally falling into lava while doing so. You can enable the ability to see lava and water through blocks while looking for other blocks that you need. The ability to avoid water is especially useful if you’re trying to expand an area underground for a redstone project.

All it takes is one bit of water to wash away all your hard work, and the XRay can be a big help in preventing this if you ever have to dig through a block that is above you or in the wall. Besides blocks, you can also easily spot mobs from miles away with this mod, which is a big help if you’re trying to farm string from spiders or bones from skeletons.

You can also see other players on servers that allow XRay. The XRay mod for Minecraft also allows you to see tunnels, mine shafts, dungeons and secret areas that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise without a great amount of luck. The last, and arguably best, is night vision. Instead of having to rely on a stockpile of torches in your inventory, you can simply press a button to see in the dark.

This means that you don’t have to stay cooped up all night to prevent a surprise attack from creepers and skeleton archers. The only problem you may find with XRay is when using it in multiplayer, as some servers force it to be disabled to keep things fair. Downloads for XRay Mod 1.

Download XRay Mod for Minecraft 1. Download XRay Mod for Minecraft 1.

Minecraft XRay Mod - Downloads. The latest version is version 3. It was released on July 2. Release. XRay Version. Download. Supported Minecraft Versions.

Release Date. Beta. Version 3. 9Download. Everything from 1. Latest. Version 3. Download. Everything from 1. Previous. Version 3.

Download. Everything from 1. Report bugs on my post on the Minecraft forums. I'm very active there and fix them very quickly. Feature requests. The mod comes with an installer. Simply double click on the downloaded file, and select a profile to install it into. It will also. detect Technic mod packs and ATLauncher instances.

Note: if you double click on the installer, and it opens in Win. RAR (or similar program), you will need to. Open with . Lite. Loader is the same as Forge except you must place it into a versioned mods folder. You may not download and then re- upload my mod to any site without my written permission. If you feature. my mod in a video, you must include a link back to this page. If you're going to link to my mod from somewhere, I would really prefer it if you linked to this page rather than.

This way the user can download an updated version and read about the mod a little bit.